Photos of my characters from Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop Opening Scene Skid RowWe closed the show a week ago and I have had a few days to decompress.

I feel really good about the work we did and happy to have been involved in this project as a performer and Stage Manager.

Here are a few photos of my characters in the ensemble:

Crazy Cat Lady of Skid Row:

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Mrs. Luce (Claire Boothe Luce is a personal hero of mine, so it was fun to play the Little Shop version of her persona!)

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My Husband Paul came over to the theatre one night after the show and took 250 photos.  Click HERE to view them on drop box.

SUU News did a nice write up in the campus paper HERE.

The Father of the actor who played Seymour took a ton of photos during our closing night performance.  His photo stream is located HERE.

And Dean, who played Mushnik took photos the same night that Paul showed up for his shoot.  His photos stream is HERE.

Dean took a picture of Paul while he shot the cast:
Paul taking photos at the shoot

For the finale the ensemble was Zombified, so here I am in my zombie makeup after opening night:

Jenny Hatch in Zombie makeup for Finale

I did about ten blog entries of the show using video and still pictures that I took myself during rehearsals. I should have asked permission to share this content because some of the cast did not want to be associated with my Blog because of my views on various issues. So I deleted all of that material and have only included a few shots that are mostly just me, with a few cast members in the background.

Here are some final thoughts about this show….

I have watched Little Shop of Horrors live several times, mostly after being produced by high schools and amateur groups. I have watched the movie several times and in preparing to be the Stage Manager for this production I watched and listened to various You Tube clips literally dozens of times. As the show embedded itself into my brain over the past few months I have come to believe it is a redemption show, much more than just a creepy musical.

The desires of Audrey and Seymour to be parents and live a normal domestic life, the Faustian themes of selling our life blood to evil entities who end up eating us in the end, the willingness of Seymour to forgive Audrey for her past, and the chills that ran up and down my spine every time I heard Suddenly Seymour sung by our leads…this is a wonderful show with amazing music and I was so happy to be a part of it.

I am grateful for my families support while I was away rehearsing every night these past few weeks and for the wonderful help from Paul and Shelly who took over the kitchen while I have a few months of doing what I love most. It was a great experience….

Now back to my kitchen…

Jenny Hatch

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