Thankful to be alive…

Yet again I have been at deaths door a couple times this past week.

I became deathly ill last weekend while traveling to Salt Lake City.

We had a whirlwind day last saturday with a morning wedding, a trip to temple square, a movie, dinner at the mall, christmas lights, Deseret Book, and then to Pauls sisters house for a short sleep and then home. I started to show deadly symptoms during the night about 2am. By the time we reached Cedar City I was so ill, I knew it was deadly…typical symptoms of lung congestion, burning in my throat, dizzy, headache, etc..

By sunday afternoon I was gasping for air and asked Paul for a priesthood blessing. He phoned his brother Larry and I received the blessing last sunday afternoon.

I immediately calmed, but that night had another incident that left me wondering if my time on earth was quickly drawing to a close. I spent two hours in the tub taking sips of air into my lungs while soaking in bath water laced with six pounds of epsom salt.

I slathered hundreds of essential oils drops all over my chest and prayed for a miracle.

I have have had so many of these incidents over the past eight years that I pretty much have the treatment down to a pattern.

1. Prayer
2. Priesthood Blessing
3. Essential Oils
4. Epsom Salt
5. Baths, with tons of skin scrubbing as well as hot and cold therapy with changing temperature of the water
6. Wheat Grass Juice
7. Fresh pressed juices
8. Lots of fat in my diet to surround the poison and protect vital organs until the poison can be safely eliminated from my body
9. Rest
10. Weeks of recovery
11. Oil Pulling for pounding headaches

I am glad to still be here and hope for recovery.

I have been praying for my enemies.


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