Meatloaf Cupcakes – A Tutorial by Foodie Blogger Jenny Hatch


I saw this photo on Facebook this morning and thought, SUPPER! Our family has had years of Vegetarian and even Vegan eating, but during the winter, especially when it is bitter cold, the Tofu Pot Pie just doesn’t pack the protein and calorie punch that a good old fashioned meat and potatoes supper does. This recipe was easy to recreate, I did not even go read it on Pinterest, just saw the picture and went HMmmmm… and here is what I came up with:

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2 lbs Ground organic beef
2 large purple onions
3 cloves freshly chopped garlic
6 Eggs
1 slice of fresh baked Kamut and Flax seed bread crumbled into breadcrumbs (I did a fresh baking of bread this morning and used a slice for the Meatloaf, but you can use any breadcrumbs)
1 Stick butter
Salt n Pepper to taste
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp parsley

On low heat saute onions and garlic in butter.

Add Seasonings and let cool while grating in the bread.

Add in eggs and meat. (Temper the eggs in if the onions are still really hot)

Mix well and spoon into greased muffin pan.

Bake at 375 for an hour on top of a cookie sheet to catch the drippings.

I used some old organic potatoes that were going to seed for the mashed potato filling.

Shelly and Ben peeled and chopped them up and I boiled them in water with a teaspoon of salt. Paul mashed them up with salt and pepper and a half cup of whipping cream. Then I added in some parsley before dropping the potato into the pastry bag. The meatloaf crust was a little tough to smash the filling into, but it worked to have a little bit of it in the middle of each loaf.

Normally when I try to recreate a Pinterest recipe I have to title the post Pinterest fail, but this was by far the best Meatloaf I have ever made. I have only made it about four times during my whole marriage, and mostly it was terrible, but this was YUMMY!

I broiled the tops of the loafs for about five minutes just to reheat and brown them up right before serving. We all really enjoyed this meal.

Jenny Hatch

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