Anniversary Trip to Saint George Utah!


Paul and I had a glorious trip down to St. George to celebrate our 26th anniversary.

We stayed at the same B and B that we spent the first night of our honeymoon. It was an quaint as ever! We went for a moonlit walk around the temple in the rain and observed that spring is definitely sprung in this desert climate. The daffodils were blooming and so were certain trees around the temple. I really enjoyed being there right after a major rainstorm because the air felt so crisp and clear.

We had a great breakfast and wonderful chats with fellow guests. Then we went shopping, out to lunch, and to the brand new Brighams Playhouse to see Little Women, the “Little” Musical.

It was so well done.

I just sat marveling at the space, a really intimate theatre of 230 seats. The cast was community, but with a splash of professional talent. I talked to the guy who played Laurie at intermission and he said that they hired seven professional full time players to take the leads and then filled out the cast with community talent.

I thought it was a brilliant way to do community theatre. They are going to produce several really great shows during the next few months, so if you are down south in Utah, look them up and go see a show! Here is the Web Site.

Little Women will be playing through the month of march.

Here is a video from the photos and vids from my iphone:

And a slideshow of photos that were mostly taken by Paul…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Paul took this amazing photo of the St George Temple, it is my new favorite:

I was so happy to have a few hours alone with my sweetheart, I adore him as much as ever…

Jenny Hatch

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