Update – Spring at the Hatch House…

So I was going to wait until the fall to begin blogging again, but so much is going on that I feel like it would be good to document some of what our family is going through.

Two weeks ago Paul was laid off.  We were not surprised when it happened, mostly it was just like, “OK, we knew this was a strong possibility, and now it has happened.”

He has worked for EDS for the whole of his IT Career.  All 29 years have been with the same job and when Hewlitt Packard bought out the company a few years ago, he was one of the Engineers to hold on to his history and is fully vested in the company, which made the job loss a whole lot easier to swallow.  We did lose our health insurance last friday, so thankfully President Obama has our back. J/K
Andy sang his first solo at the final spring concert with his Madrigals Group:

He was the fist male soloist in this video. I captured the song on my phone.

Allison made us proud by scoring the Athletic Trainer of the Year in her program. Her graduation was awesome. Ann Romney gave the keynote and I included a bit of her message in the video below:

Ben just played the Utah Summer Games this past week and his team scored the Bronze. He was able to get a hatrick in the final game by getting three goals. Paul captured one of his goals and posted it on Facebook.

Here is my copy of a copy on my phone:

Allison and Paul have been working on a Father/Daughter wedding dance for the reception. Here is the music mix and some footage from one of our early rehearsals.

Paul has had several concerts with his Master Singer and Village Voices singing groups. I was so proud of him last night as he sang for the Fathers Day Concert at the Heritage Theatre. I could tell he was having a ball up on that stage.

As always I have been following the birth scene, the political scene, the religious scene, the education scene, and the situation in Iraq carefully.


I don’t know that I have anything exceptional to add to the current conversations of the day.  Lots of professional pundits are doing a fabulous job of analyzing and parsing the issues and making a much stronger case than I ever could for the various causes that I have written about ad naseum here on my blog.

I do know this.

I am more optimistic than ever before in the triumph of freedom and liberty in our world than I have ever been before.

I believe our future is so bright, so whole, so beautiful, that I will not waste one second worrying about anything.  Jobs, Health Care, Education, Controversies at Church, Messes in the Public Schools, Wars and rumours of Wars.  None of it gets me down.  I continue to encourage my children to plan for a happy, bright, and wondeful future filled with love and light.

Jenny Hatch

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