My Tweet confronting Melinda Gates made it on Twitchy! #StopCommonCore

Pardon? Common Core cheerleader Melinda Gates didn’t think this one through

Melinda Gates lifts a pail of clean water demonstrating a display during a media tour while her husband Bill Gates stands nearby during a tour of the new visitor center at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation campus in Seattle

One of the main topics I have written about these past few years has been the Common Core Education Mess.
I have also spent considerable time outing Bill Gates as the psychopath that he is. If there were one word that could easily describe Bill and his evil Father William, it would be Eugenists.  William Gates was the first president of Planned Parenthood.

How wonderful to have a chance to confront his wife Melinda on Twitter yesterday…

I personally believe these two people are behind more evil lurking in the shadows of our world than perhaps any couple currently alive. The death and destruction that lies in the wake of their world wide vaccination efforts has been nothing less that a genocide against innocents. And the way they have messed with the food supply and a host of other ills has taught me that they will stop at nothing to reduce the population and shut down the very reproductive processes of the masses of humanity that are so revolting to their pathetic little minds.

Yesterday I noticed Michelle Malkin spanking Melinda for her hubris in agreeing with President Obama that educating Mothers was the key to truly helping children.  I quickly responded as well with this tweet:

Then I started getting this load of emails informing me that the tweet had struck a nerve and many people were retweeting it.  Later in the day I saw another post from Michelle linking to a Twitchy story and I clicked on it only to realize that my tweet was the header!  So fun!  And of all the topics that I am passionate about, this one is the very issue that is most near and dear to my heart.

I was so glad that the Twitchy editors immediately understood the irony of Melinda Gates of all people lecturing about how important it was for Mothers to be educated.  Melinda and Bill do not want women to become Mothers in the first place, and they want to educate the naive in our midst that to be truly hip and modern they need to sterilize, abort, and medicate their little ones into the grave.  I am so sickened by this power couple being in the news every time I turn on my computer.  Do we really believe they are the great humanitarians that the media proposes?

Now Gates is on the cusp of destroying the American Education System.  For what?

Profit, Greed, Control, and the ability to further convince young couples through modern education that the most noxious decision they will ever make will be to welcome a large, healthy, family of children onto the planet.


Jenny Hatch Mother of the Bride


Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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