Most recent letter from my missionary son in Honduras

Jeff in Honduras

Dear Family,

Well we had an amazing week in the mission. I really enjoyed it. Do you remember that house that we were inspired to contact. Well the grandma went to church and the 2 little girls are going to be baptized on the 6th of september. Little miracles I guess. It is nice to know that the Lord knows who he wants in his church and he will lead his missionaries to them.

We are also teaching these super great families, the only problem is the typical. They are not married to their husbands and the husbands want nothing to do with the church and dont want to get married “just in case they fall in love with someone else later.” It’s ridiculous but I am 100% sure that the Lord can soften their hearts if their wives will just show their faith and desire to be members of the church. So we are gonna keep working with them.

Elder Hatch in Honduras
President Bowler has wasted no time changing everything that he feels should be changed. He doubled the number of times we should open the mouth everyday. We can play sports again and we can drink coca cola. It has been a strange few months but they are all good changes. They also upped the requirments for people being baptized. They have to go to church at least 3 times and a baptism or activity at least once to be baptized. Hopefully that will reduce the number of people who get baptized and fall away after a couple weeks or months. They are all good changes. I really respect President Bowler a lot. He is such a loving man and he is a great example of the kind of person I should be.

Well that was basically the week. I realize I havent sent pictures like almost ever. I am super lame at that but I have attached a couple to make up for it a little.

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