My Fall Musical Season 2014

IMG_2290Our recital tonight was so fun! We sang three songs. Pauls choir also sang three songs. And then we had almost ninety additional minutes of solos, ensembles, and a string quartet perform together at the Heritage Center Theatre.

Village VoicesPaul has been singing with Village Voices for a couple of years now, and they are so good!

In JubiloI joined In Jubilo when I moved to Cedar City two years ago, and was able to sing a few solos and enjoyed a wonderful series of concerts with them. Then I was called into the Young Womens Program at church and had to quit for a season. It is so great to be back. I love singing with a talented group of women!

It was fun to sing in the same concert with my husband. He cheered me on and then I cheered for him.

We have such a great season of music coming up! Messiah with the Orchestra of Southern Utah, Bens Choir – The Southern Utah Childrens Choir, I am directing A Year with Frog and Toad Kids for the Kimber Academy, and I am auditioning for The Sound of Music. Have not decided which part yet. Sometimes I feel really confident that I could pull off the Mother Superior and sing Climb Every Mountain, and then other days I feel not so confident and just want to play a nun or the housekeeper. Auditions are in two weeks, so I should know soon.

It has been six years since I directed a childrens show. The last one I did was the summer of 2008. We performed High School Musical, the one act version during a Theatre Camp I set up at my childrens charter school in Colorado. I am really looking forward to seeing what sort of response we get from the local Homeschool Community. We tried to make it very affordable.

I made a promotional video ad for the internet the other day to advertise the Musical Theatre Elective. Here it is:

It is going to be a busy couple of months, but I am excited to throw myself into rehearsals again and create some beautiful memories with my family and friends.

Jenny Hatch

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