Andrew Conrad Hatch Missionary Farewell

We had a wonderful weekend with Andrew as he gave his farewell talk in Sacrament Meeting last sunday.

Hatch family after Andrews farewell at Aunt Lindas HomeA few friends flew over from Colorado to spend a few days with him and Allison and Kyle drove everyone down from the Salt Lake airport.

True to form Andy managed to get his Eagle Rank in scouts on the last possible day and we held a small party for him on friday night to celebrate.

Paul put together the montage above to share at the party and we all enjoyed watching it.

Paul and Andrew at the airport

Andy flew to Guatemala last night and although I have not heard yet if he safely arrived, I figure no news is good news.

When our stake president set him apart as a missionary yesterday I truly had the sense that he was leaving his childhood behind and moving into his adult life.

It will be awesome to read his emails home every week.

The play that I have been directing is this friday! The children have worked so hard these past six weeks and I cannot wait to see what sort of theatrical magic we have created together. The whole point of the class is to create a positive theatrical imprint for beginners that is fun and joyful.

Promo for Show

I know I have had a blast as the director and the feedback from the Moms has been good.

My goal was to make it to show night without any tears or children throwing up from being overstressed.

We’ll see if that goal is achieved!

I miss my two missionary sons, but cannot think of anything else I would rather have them doing right now and the spirit whispered to me that if I keep busy doing music I will not get too overwhelmed by them being in the mission field.

Jenny Hatch

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