Merry Christmas!

It has been a while since I wrote!

We had a beautiful Christmas. Simple, quiet, and blessed by a wonderful Skype conversation with our two missionary sons.

Talking to my boys on Christmas Day!We were also able to include our daughter Allison and her husband Kyle on the call all the way from Colorado.  Ally took a screen shot of our whole family along with Kyle and his sister Ali.

Screen Shot from Christmas Day

We had several secret santas who made certain that we had some presents under the tree. We are officially cash poor. With few resources available except our abilities in the computer world and my musical theatre teaching gig, it has been an interesting seven months with no income. I recently began offering my abilities as a WordPress Blog Designer.

And as always am available to teach Musical Theatre Voice Lessons.

The owner of the Kimber Academy and I were on the Radio to talk about our upcoming Musical Theatre Class:

Paul and I were also able to participate with Benjamin in a Community Nativity this past month. We sang the song Walking in the Air for the opening portion of the play. Here is our final Dress Rehearsal:

And here is the final play (Ben was a solder)

We are so thankful for our many, many blessings at this wonderful time. We pray that Paul nails down a permanent job soon and hope that we do not have to resort to unemployment insurance. We really do not want taxpayers funding our life and paying our bills.

Jenny Hatch

Skyping on Christmas

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