#CharlieHebdo editor said in 2012: “I prefer to die standing than to live on my knees.”

I have been horrified by the senseless murder of the cartoonists and editors in France over the past few days.  After reading quite a bit about it, here are the articles that touched me the most.

Tobin at Commentary had this to say:

The Mormons, Benghazi, and Charlie Hebdo

“The biggest hit on Broadway for the last few years has been The Book of Mormon, a satirical musical comedy that mocks the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But rather than venting outrage, organizing protests, or seeking to shut down the play in New York or on its national tour, Mormons have commendably turned the other cheek. Unfortunately, many Muslims around the world are not as easygoing or wise. As the terror attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo reminds us today, Islamists are determined to enforce a ban on offenses to their sensibilities. Those who draw mocking cartoons about Islam’s prophet or leaders of terror groups understand that they are taking their lives into their hands. There is a reason that the same team that produced the South Park television series chose the Mormons as the butt of their Broadway joke rather than Muslims. But while that choice was understandable, the question we need to be asking ourselves today is whether the West is prepared to go on tolerating the offense to our values of free speech that lies behind the tragedy in Paris.”

The Peoples Cube had a nice round up of commentary and links:

Charlie Hebdo: ‘I would rather die standing’

At the Daily Beast Ayaan Hirsi Ali waxed eloquent as always…

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Our Duty Is to Keep Charlie Hebdo Alive

“God, I thought yesterday, how could this possibly happen? Charlie Hebdo is not new to this. They had reprinted the cartoons of Muhammad from 2006. They were under police protection for a good long time. They moved from their offices to new offices. So my first thought was, how could this even happen? How could the entire staff of Charlie Hebdo be gone—murdered in cold blood?…

…I would urge everyone in the media to take a stand now. An entire magazine has been wiped out. If you think they won’t one day come for you, too, just because you abstained from mocking the Prophet, then you are gravely mistaken.”

AyaanAyaan Hirsi Ali is the founder of the AHA Foundation, a fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School, and the author of Infidel (2007). Her latest book, Heretic: The Case for a Muslim Reformation, will be published in April by HarperCollins.

As Told to Will O’Connor.

From Jenny Hatch: Here are some of my tweets and favorite retweets on Twitter  from the past two days.

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