Whole lotta rage against non vaccinating parents right now…




Every day the past few weeks I have had something show up on my Facebook feed claiming parents who do not allow their children to be injected with the most noxious of childhood shots, the MMR, are the cause of all that is bad in Western Civilization.

We hear about Disneyland measles outbreaks, bad parent of the month features in the news, and doctors writing passionate posts about how they will refuse families the ability to be included in their medical practice if they refuse one shot.

I cannot think of anything less important to a childs health than a pediatricians care.  In fact, without the parental bullying in the exam room, the child will likely be healthier than peers who get every shot, spray, and drug offered at the doctors office.

Parents and grandparents are waking up to the frauds around the health conspiracies.  Too many damaged children, too many dead babies, too many children overflowing with cancers, tumors, allergies, and skin problems. Too many developmental disabilities and way to many emotionally distraught toddlers.

I believe it is past time for these frauds to be exposed in the media, but since the owners of the media also own the pharma companies, its not like NBC news is going to run a story about how much healthier non vaccinated children are than those who get the poisons. They couldn’t bother to report that a CDC scientist LIED about his research, so why would we expect anything remotely touching on the truth from them.

Big Pharma also runs Congress and has written the rules at the FDA, the CDC, the WHO, and all of the national and state health departments.  They also influence the textbooks used in our public schools and create the curriculum for the education of Allopathic doctors in the medical schools.

I am so fed up with seeing vaccine damaged children everywhere I turn. And I am even more fed up with the bullying that seems to fester on the internet.  People say the most incredibly stupid things when they don’t want to confront someone directly.  Go ahead, call me up on the phone, say it to my face…tell me exactly HOW you think I should be raising my children and what I am doing wrong.  Don’t tiptoe around it.  Don’t shove meme’ after meme’ after meme’ on facebook, pinterest, and twitter telling what a medical neglector I am.  Go ahead and tell me to my face.

I can take it. I have already taken it from every busybody in my life for the past 26 years.  I can take it from YOU.  Please, set me straight.  I am anxious to have a conversation with you.

Want to know why?

Because in confronting me as that mindless, non thinking, non researching, conspiracy mongering sort of person, perhaps, just perhaps, you might suspend your own disbelief and consider for just a second that YOU HAVE BEEN HAD!

YOU are the mindless drone.

YOU are the one who accepts things at face value because someone with a fancy degree said so.

YOU are the one whose child is permanently damaged with toxic chemicals.

Vaccine Package Insert MemeYOU are the one who did not bother to read the ingredient list on the package insert, or even consider that when that same package insert said that possible side effects from the shot included SIDS, Autism, MS, Allergies, Asthma, Psychosis, Guillain Barre Syndrome they really weren’t kidding around.

I can see you right now as you read this. Shaking your head. Come on Jenny, you really don’t think I am naive and mindless? Why, I have papers to prove my intelligence from some of the most revered ladies colleges in the nation. I am not someone who can be misled. I am spiritual and in tune and have the gift of discernment.


Yes, I see you now, sniggering into your coffee and tea as you read this…

“But everyone KNOWS that natural family living is a crock.”

Do They?  Do You? How many times have your children broken down into emotional and physical illness that rocked you to your very core?  Are you certain it WASN’T the shots?

How do you know?

The drug companies have been remarkably honest about side effects recently, listing possible disease that could result.

Package insert side effects listed

They do not have to worry about the side effects your child MIGHT struggle with, heck they have hundreds of treatment protocols just waiting for you at the hospital for any and all emotional or physical side effects your child is manifesting.

Congress has made certain they will never have to PAY for anything. Taxpayers are the dolts who are on the hook for those few families who manage to make it through the vaccine courts to a payout.

Heads I win, Tails you lose.


Please, tell me again what a threat I am to my children, my family, your child, your family, the sick child down the street.

Actually, DON’T.

I will just hole up in my house and enjoy my exclusively breastfed, naturally born, holistically treated, and nutritionally sound children and ya’ll can just go on your merry way.

Just one little question for the curious and considering…

Is it your doctor who gets to live with the long term consequences and costs of your medical choices for and in behalf of your children, or is it YOU?

Jenny Hatch

14 Responses to “Whole lotta rage against non vaccinating parents right now…”
  1. Fiona Brown says:

    Brilliant! Exactly how I feel but am never able to put it over so clearly and succinctly. I shall be copying to keep for future use – if that is ok. Keep it up there are plenty of us out here. Mother to three healthy, independent, intelligent, caring and emotionally strong unvaccinated children!


    • Jenny Hatch says:


      I fully expected to be spammed with nasty blowback comments when I posted this, but it has been so awesome to feel the love from you parents. In the past my blog was hit with the most vitriolic porn and drug ads making it almost impossible for those commenting to have a chat whenever I would post one of my Big Pharma Frauds posts.

      When I think about the children damaged these past ten years since I started this blog, I just want to cry.

      Did you see Melinda Gates article on Huffington Post last night? I thought it was interesting that she used the same argument for vaccines that the birth machine has used for decades. “Women in third world countries would give ANYTHING to be able to vaccinate their children like we do in the west.”

      They used to say, “Women in third world countries would give ANYTHING to be able to give birth in a 21st century birthing suite at the hospital”.


      I just interviewed a Liberian Activist who told me that the locals are increasingly questioning the side effects of vaccines: https://jennyhatch.com/2015/01/20/ebola-in-liberia-here-come-the-vaccine-trials-radio-show-with-putugah-takpaw-phenom/

      Last night I was pondering how best to continue the fight. They have the money, power, schools, media, and the hearts of most of the people.

      What do we have?

      The TRUTH.

      And it is enough.



  2. Drea says:

    Bravo 🙂 – I couldn’t have said it better.


  3. Jessica says:

    Amen. Thanks


  4. Ken says:

    Be aware that the system is now so sophisticated that they have developed software to reply and make comments about anything that is against “the system”. You may be getting upset against “people” that are just drones by software designers. The medical mafia would not be backing vaccines if they truly protected people against so-called disease – its where they make their money after all. BTW the problem with things like whooping cough is the failure of doctors to understand what it is and prevent it, and their failure to properly treat and CURE it, which is also quite possible by REAL doctors.


    • Jenny Hatch says:


      Thanks for the heads up about how the medical mafia operates. I am very informed about their tactics. Have dealt with them on many different levels almost from the first week I began blogging as a health freedom activist.

      I cured my sons whooping cough during an outbreak in Boulder Colorado in 1996 when he was 2 using Young Living Essential Oils Oregano. It is pathetic that the docs still claim non vaxxers as the source of all that is evil in the world of healing. Especially when highly effective herbal extracts work so well.



  5. Thank you for this Jenny. We appreciate those like you who care about children. Hope to see you on Twitter at our nightly storm at & using #CDCwhistleblpwer from 8 pm until 10 pm, worldwide.


  6. Maryanne McCoy says:

    As a brand new mom I have been told flat out that I am wrong for not vaccinating my child, please keep up the good work, stay strong and don’t give up,know that many of us stand behind you.


    • Jenny Hatch says:

      Thank you Maryanne. As challenging as it was for me as a new mother 26 years ago to say no to the shots, I really believe that right now it is positively toxic for young parents when they stand up to the pediatric bullies.

      Good Luck with you Mothering!



  7. Dorito Reiss says:

    YRSSSSS!!! I love this!


    • Jenny Hatch says:

      Thanks for commenting. I usually am not so angry when I post, but I sort of flipped out the other morning when one of the best young mothers I know was really upset on Facebook. I just had this feeling of – ENOUGH!!!


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