Common Core versus Saxon Math…the facts.

Stop Common Core Meme by Jenny Hatch 3Kudos to my friend Gary for blowing really hard on his whistle on the Utahns against Common Core Facebook Page.

He said:

Thank you Suzette Lopez in Florida, for your tireless work on behalf of freedom loving parents nationwide, and especially for and behalf of parents who are culturally bound to be silent. Suzette shared this timely gem from the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition:

FlanaganJBWAIR Founder Involved in Racial Eugenics Experiments 

“AIR founder John C. Flanagan, was the chief psychologist involved in eugenics experiments via an organization called the Pioneer Fund, which greatly supported and promoted Nazi eugenics experiments during the 1930s and 1940s, such as paying for a film called “‘Eugenics in Germany,”

Those of us who have been following and writing about the Math Wars in America know that a seriously flawed Sexist and Racist component has been in the works for a long time.  This scandal is covered nicely in a piece written by Niki Hayes,who wrote John Saxons Biography.

Recognizing an American Hero: John Saxon

“His enemies, who are among today’s Goliaths, will sneer upon hearing his name: John Saxon. They still refuse to accept the results of his “common sense genius” in teaching K-12 mathematics.

Saxon literally popped onto the national math education scene unexpectedly and uninvited in 1981 after self-publishing his first algebra textbook. Reformist authors, who quickly became his opponents, were claiming that making math more fun and “relevant” to girls and minorities was the answer to getting higher scores on international tests. He said his proven book was user-friendly and historically-based and was the answer for all students. They said his ideas worked only for white males and Asians because American girls and minorities couldn’t  think analytically or with deductive reasoning. He called them racist and sexist. War was declared on Saxon with all the might of federal, state, and local resources of the math education leadership.”

John_Saxon-300x280I have written quite a bit about Common Core Math over the past few years.  Niki has done so much to set the record straight about what has happened to Johns work since his death.  Here is a quote from her from the comment section in the article above:

Please help spread the word that K-8 books have NOT been aligned to the CC Standards. Nancy Larson and Stephen Hake as the original authors have maintained their control over the content and will stay true to the “Saxon method.” The publishers are putting out CC supplemental materials for Saxon, however, so they can claim that Saxon is “aligned.” Teachers do not have to use the material.

The Alg. 1 and Alg. 2 texts ceased being true Saxon materials when the publishers had the books rewritten by “development houses” several years ago. They call those books the “4th Editions,” but that is a misnomer since they do not follow John Saxon’s first three editions (prior to 2004) in style or substance. (I always encourage people to buy the second or third editions of the Algebra books.) Frank Wang’s Calculus book is still okay as is John Saxon’s Advanced Mathematics book.

The publishers created their own version of a Geometry book, which has nothing to do with John Saxon. Since these textbooks are so expensive to create and print, the only way they can be “aligned” with CC at this point is with supplemental inserts or handbooks, all of which, remember, can be ignored by devoted Saxon teachers.”

And she said this in a follow up comment tied to the article:

“They claim alignment exists because they are publishing inserts or booklets that teachers can use with Saxon Math books (if they so choose). The books’ content is NOT aligned with CC. For one thing, rewriting them is a monumental task, cannot be done quickly, and will be terribly expensive for the company. It’s called a sales ploy. Stephen Hake, the grades 4-8 author, has assured me he has not participated in any rewriting of his textbooks.”

And this:

“I should add the Calculus book by Frank Wang (and John Saxon) has not been/is not being rewritten for Common Core. Of course, Common Core doesn’t plan on students getting past mid-Algebra 2 in their math standards, so the publishers don’t have to work about anything past Algebra 2. Parents and teachers just have to avoid any edition of Alg. 1 and Alg. 2 published as of 2004. Those aren’t “Saxon” created books. The content of those might be undergoing an alignment to Common Core, but I doubt it due to the sheer cost of printing new textbooks.”

This free printable booklet contains great information about Saxon Math and why the Math elites continue to hate and be threatened by Johns Work.

Parents, own your child’s math education.  For the short term it is the answer, especially for women and minorities, to use the excellent Saxon Books for your math curriculum.  Even if you send your child to public school, math can be supplemented at home with these materials.  Do not allow those who believe girls and minority children are idiots have control over your children’s minds.

Jenny Hatch

Stop Common Core Meme by Jenny Hatch 4Here are a couple of videos I created when we began homeschool last fall.  Ben is attempting to finish the 6th and 7th grade in one year.


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