Tom Woods at The Mises Institute – Secession, the reasonable option

A most excellent lecture on Secession:

Tom Woods Website is HERE.

During the opening of this lecture Tom dumped on the Iraq War. Even though I agree with most of what he said in the lecture, this topic of American Intervention in Iraq is where I part company with my Libertarian pals. I know even Glenn Beck has stated publicly that we should not have gone over to help. That the loss of life and ruination of so many soldiers bodies and minds was not worth it.

I take the long view on that conflict.

It must have been the case that for those French families who lost loved ones during the American Revolution they perhaps harbored similar thoughts and feelings. “Why did my son have to die or be permanently maimed so that Americans could enjoy a republic?”

Please remember that our civil war came 90 years after the nations founding documents were written.

Iraq is Sovereign

I have followed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan closely and I believe over time we will come to realize that when Iraq was handed its sovereignty, this was a unique and significant day in the worlds history.

Iraq Handover

Administrator Paul Bremer, center, hands over sovereignty documents to top Iraqi judge Midhat Mahmoud on Monday. Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi is third from left and Bremer’s deputy, David Richmond, is second from right.

Time will tell if they will be able to “keep” the constitutional republic that has been bought with so much blood.

I hope they can do it.

Heck, I hope WE can do it.

I pretty much agree with the rest of Toms sentiments as outlined in the lecture above.

Jenny Hatch


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