Out of respect for the sick and scared, we are staying home… #CDCWhistleblower

I understand the concerns and fears of families with sick children that coming into contact with my unvaccinated child may prove deadly to their child.

Because of those concerns we are going to self quarantine until the Measles outbreak is contained. Ben did not attend our church service yesterday and he stayed home from our homeschool musical theatre class on friday. I am going to keep him out of the library and grocery stores until the fears subside.

We homeschool, but will make an even bigger effort to stay home and limit contact with other children until the measles epidemic/media panic is over.

While it rages, here are some tweets, memes, and graphics prepared for your enlightenment and pleasure:

Jenny Hatch

Whistleblower 22

Whistleblower 21

Whistleblower 20

Whistleblower 19

Whistleblower 18

Whistleblower 17

Whistleblower 16

Whistleblower 15

Whistleblower 14

Whistleblower 13

Whistleblower 12

Whistleblower 11

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Whistleblower 2

Whistleblower 1

8 Responses to “Out of respect for the sick and scared, we are staying home… #CDCWhistleblower”
  1. Summer says:

    “I worry that vaccines from these unaccountable companies may give the children immunity from one disease in exchange for a lifetime of illness in another form.”



  2. Geria Wright says:

    John, I hope you realize the incredible harm you can do to another human being by such rabid hatred. Make your case, but to brutalize with words you cannot take back only sets you up for the back-handed spiritual retribution inflicted upon yourself! The current vaccine cultures used today are the same samples from the 40s, 50s, and 60s and the vaccine schedule for children has doubled, in some cases tripled, since I was born (1970)?!

    Do me a favor and read Michael Dye’s book Vaccinations: Tragedy and Deception. It’s very insightful and may change your perspective.


  3. Geria Wright says:

    My hope is that we Americans get back to good ole’ common knowledge (sense)…..if you have a sick child(ren), humanely quarantine them within the home; follow hand washing techniques hospitals implement in their sanitation procedures (we all know hospitals are one of the most nastiest places to be in); sanitize, sanitize, sanitize; explain to your boss the duration of this sickness can last from a week to two weeks depending on the child (may need to take FMLA); and try to get adequate and trusted family or friends to help. If every parent would do their part (consistently) and teach their children, vaccines would be a thing of the past.


  4. Jenny Hatch says:

    Sue, I could not agree more. Thanks for taking the time to share such an excellent comment!



  5. Sue Big says:

    They haven’t said whether these outbreaks are caused by wild measles or the kind used in the vaccines. Newly vaccinated people can spread the disease (“viral shedding”) for a few weeks after receiving a live vaccine. If it is the vaccine type strain, I suggest the newly vaccinated be quarantined for a month.


  6. Sue Big says:

    People need put down their pitch forks and torches. There are so many hit pieces on anyone who questions vaccine safety and the public eats it up. You know who else questions vaccine safety? Supreme Court Justices Ginsberg and Sotomayor. Are they stupid? You will never see a negative article on vaccines on the MSM because the agenda is 100% vaccination. You’ll never read a whistleblower story or any reasonable arguments questioning vaccines there, they just talk about Jenny McCarthy. I’m not a medical doctor or a scientist, but I am a lawyer, so I’ll stick to a legal perspective on vaccines.
    Congress passed the Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986 to stabilize the vaccine market and facilitate compensation for vaccine injuries. I wonder if we still had our right to a jury trial would we be arguing about vaccine safety on the Internet? Italy allows jury trials for vaccine injuries and they have found a connection. But even still- nearly all medicines come with risks, and a vaccine for serious contagious diseases would still be worth taking.
    The Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was upheld and changed, giving even greater legal immunity to vaccine manufacturers, by the Supreme Court in 2011. (See summary here: http://www.martindale.com/products-liability-law/article_Keller-Heckman-LLP_1249358.htm ) Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissented, noting that vaccine manufacturers “have long been subject to a legal duty, rooted in basic principles of products liability law, to improve the designs of their vaccines in light of advances in science and technology.” Justice Sotomayor said that the Court’s “decision leaves a regulatory vacuum in which no one ensures that vaccine manufacturers adequately take account of scientific and technological advancements when designing or distributing their products.” Sotomayor said that “given the lack of robust competition in the vaccine market, [manufacturers] will often have little or no incentive to improve the designs of vaccines that are already generating significant profit margins.”
    That’s why I don’t trust these vaccines. The manufacturers have zero incentive to improve or update their product to make it safer or more effective, and they don’t. These companies have guaranteed customers, no risk of lawsuits, and they are protected by the media and the government. It is a situation that is ripe for abuse.
    We are experiencing an unexplained rise in childhood illnesses; speech delays, allergies, diabetes, cancers, asthma, auto-immune disorders, ADHD, autism, etc. The vaccine studies discussed in the MSM only look at autism and mercury, not the bigger picture. There are other ingredients in vaccines that are brain toxins, like MSG and aluminum. Of course it could be any number of factors causing the decline in children’s health, but without testing how can you know? I worry that vaccines from these unaccountable companies may give the children immunity from one disease in exchange for a lifetime of illness in another form.
    We are expected to inject our children with vaccines from companies that have no legal liability or incentive to conduct testing or offer high quality products, our right to a jury trial has been revoked, the MSM never reports the foul smelling information about the manufacturers and the CDC, and the public is whipped into hysteria demanding the unvaccinated wear arm bands. This is insanity. Shouldn’t we unite and demand the best quality medical care for our children? Shouldn’t we unite and demand our right to a jury trial to get the facts out in the open? Call me a spoiled American for wanting my rights and high quality health care, but that’s what I’m holding out for.


  7. Jenny Hatch says:


    Aren’t you curious to know what William Thompson is going to say to Congress when he testifies?


  8. John Wesley says:

    It appears pretty much every piece of evidence you have to support your claim has been thoroughly debunked. For example:


    You have no scientific basis for your belief, and have put both your children and others at risk. Based on that, I believe you’re a bad parent, and I hope your children never get sick because of your paranoid behavior.


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