Jeffry Aufderheide on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show

Jeffry J. Aufderheide
Jeffry Aufderheide who is the founder of, will be my special guest on the Jenny Hatch Radio Show on Saturday at 2 PM.

“ was founded in 2009 by Jeffry John Aufderheide.

Jeffry was a rescue swimmer in the United States Navy and held a Top Secret clearance. In 2000, he was honorably discharged from the Navy and a year later started his family. In 2001 his first son, Brandon, was born. Twenty one vaccines later, his son stopped reaching his developmental milestones.

After extensively researching the vaccine literature, he discovered vaccine injuries happen frequently and parents are often feared into getting their child vaccinated.

Because parents are not given complete information by their doctors, his message and mission is to alert parents to investigate the information for themselves.

Jeffry John Aufderheide,

Jeffry was a guest speaker at the Don’t Inject Me protest in Denver on November 27th, 2009. I connected with him online the week before the rally and he agreed to speak and share his story of activism and healing.  I organized the rally as the H1N1 flu fraud was rolling out.

Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane and I gave the keynote addresses.

I think what has surprised me the most these past five or six years since we met is how much Jeffry has done on his website and social media to inform parents looking for good information. I have read many of his investigative reports and have been so impressed with his dedication to excellence in this field of health freedom and sovereignty. From his facebook wall, it is obvious, he is in the thick of it with a young family, but he continues to inspire with the amount of time and effort he has put into his work on the web.

Tune into my radio show on Saturday to hear us discuss the current Measles outbreak and the incredible over reach by government agencies and the media.

Jenny Hatch

Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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