Ben Hatch making music!

Ben continues to work on his guitars while he sings along. He plays his own with the steel strings, his Dads guitar with Plastic strings, and in the poorly produced video above, he is playing Jeffs electric guitar. (I am blind as a bat without my glasses…)

I know his singing is a little off, but I share this video to illustrate that beginners who accompany themselves often sound like, well, beginners.

When I began accompanying myself singing in the 8th grade while playing the piano, I had many plonking performances with cracked voice, tinny sharpness, and forgetting to sing while I focused on what my fingers were doing.

As I wrote in a post a couple weeks ago, singing while playing at the same time engages both sides of the brain and is most difficult to do.

I am so pleased that Ben has continued on, rehearsing without being told to, looking for cool songs to sing on You Tube and the internet, and practicing with his Dad and his sister.

He sang for us during Family Home Evening the other night and I asked him if I could tape for just a sec. He said yes.

I know this video may embarass him in years to come, but I believe it is important for all music students to see and hear the early plonking notes of those who go on to perform professionally.

I do not know that Ben will pursue music, he really wants to be a professional Soccer Player, but if he does keep with it, this post is a memory of where it all began.

Thanks for stopping by,

This was my favorite talk from our recent General Conference.

Jenny Hatch

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