Threatening Academic Freedom and Scientific Truth: Last Chance Public Meeting with USOE on Nationalized Science Standards

Crystal Lane Swasey posted the article below on Facebook and a usefully idiotic mother who was being outed an a shill on the thread popped in to chat with our anti common core group, Utahns against common core. (Read the whole article with the comments, really good stuff, and for any of you up north, head over to the final state science meeting tonight for the final performance from our Common Core overlords titled “Community Participation”).

I did what I always do in these situations and used some hyperbolic rhetoric to yank her chain and she tucked tail, pulled her comment, and ran. The most interesting side to this story is that I had to post that comment three times before it stayed up…

I posted the comment below on Facebook and some Big Brotherish Type yanked it off TWICE! So I posted it a third time…it is still there, FOR NOW.

These guys hate it when you out the shills and patsies.

Jenny Hatch

Here is the comment in full, I also posted it on Crystals site in the comment section


Alean Popa Hunt

Everyone bow down to the Utah Mother of the Year with over 300 hours of classroom service.

I am curious Alean.

What is the going rate for being the paid face of the Pro Utah Common Core contingency?

SSsHhhhhh… We know they cannot pay you any $$$money$$$ …paper trails are such an inconvenient reality when you are a madman trying to deconstruct American Education.

But for showing up to all these meetings as the lap dog of the Common Core Conspirators, that HAS to be worth something to them.


I am thinking Car.  

Big Car.  

Big Red CAR.  A mini van or an SUV.

No.  A Suburban, with a lovely red ribbon tied around it with a little personal note from 
Bill Gates himself.

“Alean, Thanks for all you are doing to help the cause, never would have made it past the barricade set up by the Utahns Against Common Core Facebook Group without your timely and perky help.

Thanks a Million (uh, Billion….actually we think we are on track to make the first Trillionaire from this deal…wink wink)

Hugs and Kisses

Bill and Melinda

Now Alean, please attend your sciency, science, meeting in Salt Lake and be sure to bring some pom poms and maybe a marching band or two so everyone knows how big of a cheerleder you really are.

And when you are cruising around the state in your company car with the kiddos, every time you look in your rearview mirror, think…

I am a paid shill.

How does it feel?

Worth it?

Jenny Hatch

PS Thanks for confirming to us that the threads on this site are being monitored, we knew they were, but having you bounce in confirmed it.

Happy Trails


american mom field

How Do the Common Core Science Standards Threaten Academic Freedom and Scientific Truth?

(This information is provided by Vince Newmeyer, a scientist and member of Utah’s science standards review committee.)

Please Attend:  Salt Lake Meetings Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Issues of controversy range from:

  • Politicized presentation of Global Warming and Environmentalism
  • Darwinian Dogma

o    The lack of an objective view of data

o    The indoctrination of a materialistic mantra, which excludes any data or logic that indicates that there is anything more than simply Matter and Energy as an explanation of human origins.

o    This enthroned materialistic view has a devastating affect on the morals of society as a whole.

  • Instances of bad science
  • Missing and “implicit” content
  • Artificial limits on learning
  • The failure to include essential math critical to science learning
  • Lack of depth in critical topics
  • Missing science foundations
  • The watering down of science with social issues
  • The…

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