Neil Simon Players first real gig

Neil Simon Players LOGO
Alex, Samae, and I have been working tirelessly these past few weeks to put together this one hour show for our patrons in Cedar City. If you were to add up all of the hours the three of us spent, we probably made about 15 cents an hour the other night.

But the show is now ready to roll and we are actively looking for gigs around Cedar City.

I love my new job as the Entertainment Director for the Neil Simon Players. We had so much fun last week as we put on this show.

I have enjoyed working with beginning musical theatre students in a variety of settings at church, school, and in the community. It is satisfying work to teach the little ones how to dance, act, and sing.

That being said, it is also quite joyful to work with seasoned pros who are planning to dedicate their lives to this craft that I adore so much.

Samae is up to her eyeballs in Utah Shakespeare Festival rehearsals – she is in South Pacific and the Green Show and is understudy for Amadeus. Alex is also busy with his music job and is going to work as Music Director at The Neil Simon Festival as well as play the lead in They’re Playing Our Song and a part in Chapter Two.

We had to hold two of our rehearsals at 10 pm at night because those two were busy all day long!

But it was worth it. They acting and sang their hearts out and we had a blast putting on the show for our first real paid gig.

I have nothing but respect for this power couple. They have only been married a year, but they are dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ serving as the Ward Missionaries in our Cedar Ward and they have been an integral part of our wards musical efforts since moving in a few months ago.

It will be fun to witness where life takes them as the years click by.

Here is the whole show.

I was video taping and running the sound board from my phone the whole time. I also stood the whole time and gave a few cues from the back of the room. It was a little crazy serving as director, stage manager, sound tech, video, and crew at the same time, but, I had a ball. If our board director Ron had not shown up to help me set up the equipment and then take everything down and get it back into my car, my head might have exploded.

I am just so impressed with the amount of material that the Allreds were able to polish up in a few short weeks. It is mind boggling to me how they owned those songs.

Can’t wait for our next gig.

Jenny Hatch

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