It is time to CRUSH Common Core… a few thoughts by Education Activist Jenny Hatch #StopCommonCore

These past few weeks my traffic has exploded.

Most of those coming in to my blog are here to read my many Stop Common Core Posts.

This past week on the Utahns against Common Core Facebook page we had quite a bit of conversation around the new Science Standards that are about to be adopted by the state.

Parents have been lied to for the past few years as they were assured over and over that the only portions of Common Core that would ever be adopted in Utah were going to be the Math and LA standards.

This video is an excellent expose of the lies:

I shared this blog post on Facebook that outlined the Alinsky tactics that were being used all over the nation to “Delphi” and shut down any community input around the adoption of the new science standards.

A few parents contacted me privately as they prepared for the final meeting to ask some questions on how to confront those presenting the material at Tuesday Nights meeting.

The day of the meeting we were chatting about how pointless it was probably going to be to go attend that dog and pony show of a “community input” effort.

Christel Lane Swasey, one of the founders and leaders of our state group had this to say on her Facebook Wall

“Dreading the meeting that I’m dragging myself to out of a sense of duty. It’s tonight’s Utah State Office of Education public comment meeting in SLC about the adoption of the NGSS common core science standards. They’re politically biased, green-obsessed, closed minded, narrow standards that skip things like human anatomy, computer science, and electricity to make room for the United Nations’ agenda of human blamed climate change, population control, Darwinism; a green obsession that justifies anything government wants. Redistribution of people’s lands, ownership, global citizenship etc. The USOE presents the new NGSS science standards as just an update, just a modernizing. Oh. If only.”

The meeting itself was taped by a parent:

A few hours before the meeting some parents were exploring the idea that a few of the parents who had talked in favor of the Common Core were shills who had been assigned the task of being a patsy like “designated parent” at the meetings and in the media.

One of these parents decided to jump into the conversation and I spanked her the way I do all Useful Idiots that I encounter on the internet.

The Day after the meeting I posted the Salt Lake Tribune article about the meeting on Facebook.

Benjamin Woods, the journalist who wrote the article, posted on twitter that he was looking for parents to interview about Science being taught in the home, no doubt so he could write a series of articles about Good Parent (Evolution and Climate) and Bad Parent (Faith Based Intelligent Design) type articles. I decided to heckle him a little and the following conversation took place on Twitter yesterday afternoon:

Laureen Naylor Simper shared her takeaways from the meeting on Facebook:

“Three observations from the USOE meeting about the science standards that was held in Salt Lake City last night:

1. Ricky Scott lost a bit of control early on, as many parents had questions to ask. This didn’t fit the pedantic format they had set forth. One woman, when he brushed her off, tried to not be brushed off by repeating her questions in other words. He interrupted her by saying, “Calm down” – to someone who had not raised her voice and was saying nothing uncalm. Randomly, at that moment, he happened to catch my eye, and I mouthed the words to him, “Not fair.” Is that a tactic of some kind? To say “calm down” in the effort to get someone to NOT calm down? Anyway, when he read my lips, he literally stepped away from me – I was sitting on the second row – as if I had actually physically struck him. He then moved several feet to the the other side, and sarcastically said he was better liked on that side of the room. Again – suggesting that those who disagreed with him were threatening or unreasonable.

2. If Diana Suddreth would solicit teacher success stories two years ago before there was very much experience with Common Core implementation, I would not be surprised to learn she had solicited the responses in favor of the new science standards last night, as all of them were so similar and non-specific. One woman said she was a college teacher and talked about how much better prepared her students had been this past year. When parents jumped on this inaccuracy – hello! these standards are only being discussed at this point! – she quickly back pedaled.

3. Not one person who spoke against the standards resorted to name calling, attacks on an opinion different from theirs, or used inflammatory language of any kind. Had George Washington himself moderated the event, and opened with his famous thought – let us meet “on the battlefield of ideas” – that would have beautifully described the parents and scientists who spoke against the standards, for a variety of reasons. All the comments were respectful of differing opinions. But the last comment in favor of the standards? A biology professor from the University of Utah, who apparently had brought no weapons to the battlefield of ideas. All he had was to call his intellectual opponents luddites, reducing the previous hour of comments to religion versus science, as if that were the entire argument. Saul Alinsky would have been proud. George Washington? Not so much…

Public comment sought: check.

USOE to public: Thank you for sharing. We will take these big 4th grade posters to our office, and file them with all the other big 4th grade posters – and file them under ‘U’ for unnecessary.

Public to USOE: We’re not going away. We’re not sitting down. We’re not being quiet. We are calmly going to continue to teach and educate, since you seem quite unwilling to do so.

“A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.” – Benjamin Franklin”

If you would like a complete listing of the many posts I have written on how crucial it is that we stop this Leviathan dead in its tracks, just CLICK HERE.

These posts focus on Math Education.

I set up an Amazon Store for overwhelmed parents who are just getting started homeschooling.

And if you are too busy to click around my blog and just want my education entries in one easy to read format on your kindle device, click below:

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We the people pay the bills, it is time to kill Fed Ed Dead.

One of the greatest joys of my life these past few years has been the many excellent friends I have met on Facebook as the War for the minds and hearts of our children have played out. Some of the smartest people in Utah are a part of that Facebook Group and it has been pure joy to chat with them about these important issues.

Jenny Hatch

Please feel free to share any and all of these anti Common Core Memes on Social Media and your own Blogs!

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