Leonard Horowitz is about to have his house in Hawaii stolen

Sherri and Len cointelpro

The harassment of my friend Leonard Horowitz continues on as an attorney is in the process of stealing his home.

Here is the paperwork that has been published on the case.

Len said on Facebook:

“This was the forged copy and paste document of a sham church that Paul J. Sulla, Jr. used to steal our property. He transferred our notes and mortgage into this entity and then sold our property to this entity at an auction with no authority to do this. He did this after Foreclosure was denied because we had paid all the money owed for the property. He did this while the case was in appeals for the 200K jury award that I was granted for fraud in the sale of the property.


Thanks for all the prayers, we appreciate them. We really need media and good legal help right now. Again there must be one of you out of my 5000 FB friends that knows someone in the media or that can help us legally.

Mr. Sulla must be placed behind bars. If you know anyone politically that can help us in the justice system in Hawaii or U.S. justice system, please assist. There must be someone that is not corrupt. We know of four other victims that have come forward stating that Paul J. Sulla jr has also stolen their home and property or is trying to. He owns about 50 plus properties so far.

Please keep us in your prayers that the judge does not sign the order granting our property to these criminals based on this fraudulent entity.

This is the document that we submitted to the DCCA for investigation:

It also includes Sulla’s extortion letters to pay $375K that I did not owe and did not owe him.”

For those of you who do not know, Dr. Horowitz’s You Tube Channel was deleted and he has been chased by a posse of evil doers who have done everything in their power to demoralize him and make it impossible for him to live and work.

As the leading Vaccine Whistleblower in the world, everyone concerned about freedom should be aware of this case, talking about it, and publishing stories about it on their own blogs and web sites as well as social media sites.

Jenny Hatch

Here is the Ebola show I did with Dr. Len last fall…

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