Jenny Hatch VLOG Cedar Valley Community Theatre – Guys and Dolls Theatrical Review

We went to see Guys and Dolls tonight!

We went to see Guys and Dolls tonight!

I performed this show at The Playmill Theatre in 1987. If I remember correctly we did it over fifty times. I know the music about as well as I know any and love the various stories and scenes so much that as the Cedar Valley Community Theatre put on this show, a flood of memories hit my brain.

A few standout songs from the show were Fugue for Tinhorns performed perfectly by Trevor Walker, Isaac Hughes, and Indiana Jones. I know how tricky the harmonies are with this song and these boys nailed it.

Adelaide’s Lament was performed with aplomb by Tamara Reber, who also captured the ironies of the song, while singing it authentically. I have observed various actresses depictions of Adelaide to be funny to the point of farce, but Tamara played her a little more real, with actual tears for her frustrations and I found myself tearing up a little as she sang.

Danny Hansen played Uncle Arvide and sang More I Cannot Wish You with a tenderness and gentility that floated off the stage.

I wanted to run up on stage and join the chorus as Trevor Walker belted out Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat. His operatic high notes coupled with his nasal depiction of Nicely Nicely was a perfect addition to the second act.

I really enjoyed the choreography, especially the various shadow dances by featured dancer Rendall Seeley and his partner Noel Perry. The Havana scene was greatly enhanced by some wonderful latin movement and a hilarious bar fight.

Sue Me was also performed with perfect pitch, tempo, and really great acting by the leads.

In all I would encourage everyone who loves musical theatre to head over to the Heritage Center Theater this weekend to bask in the glory of this show. Tickets are only $8.00 and with a live orchestra, fun colorful costumes, and a cast filled with familiar Cedar City faces, this show is sure to please!

Jenny Hatch

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