The Honor Flight Party is TONIGHT!

Cedar City Honor Flight in DCI am so excited to be the hub of entertainment for the Honor Flight tonight!

We have an excellent show planned for the families and friends of those who have just taken the honor flight.  As we have rehearsed with our singers and dancers the past week, the feeling of happiness has just overwhelmed my heart.  Here are links to a few articles that have been posted on various online news outlets about our group of Vets.

KSL –  WWII women veterans lauded at Washington memorials

“WASHINGTON — Many women fill critical roles in the modern military today, but it wasn’t always that way. Seventy years ago, four Utahns helped open new doors whether they felt that way at the time or not.

As Utah Honor Flight veterans entered the World War II Memorial, they were showered with applause.

“My brother and my boyfriend were in the service, so I went too,” Doris Harding from the Women’s Army Corps said.

Among those who gathered the most attention from the crowd were the women of World War II.

“I was just flabbergasted. Couldn’t believe it,” Harding said. “They looked up to you like you had done something. All you did was do your duty.”

Harding did not feel like a pioneer when she joined the Women’s Army Corps and worked at the Pentagon.”

John Warner still looks the part of a Marine.

Built strong at 6-foot-3 – “I haven’t shrunk yet,” he said – Warner manhandled the 20-millimeter gun on the side of the USS Maryland with the ferocity and aggression of a man whose life hung in the balance. Men like Warner were needed, as death was an ever-looming possibility in Pacific waters.

Combat took on a new dimension when Japanese Kamikazes’ planes came ripping through the sky, intent on trading their lives in exchange for destroyed American vessels. Warner experienced this in the Philippine Sea, and again off the coast of Okinawa.”

Here is a video report KSL did on the Salt Lake Honor Flight a few months ago:

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