Quarter One Gross Domestic Product Revised Down to Negative Growth – Old Man Winter blamed AGAIN!

A few of my favorite news outlets wrote funny posts about the economy this past week.

The Obama administration has made it a habit, much like Mao and Stalin did back in the day, to blame the bad economy on the weather…

Breitbart News

The usual suspect, Old Man Winter, was dragged from his cell and paraded through the town square. The awesome power of Obamanomics was once again ambushed by the the climate, which the President claims is getting unbearably hotter every time he burns a zillion gallons of jet fuel to fly out to a photo-op, ramble on about science he understands no better than economics, and demand more money and power for his war against global warming.

It’s so hideously unfair to Obama that winters became cold for the first time in American history after he took office. How could his brilliant plans possibly have taken account of such baffling natural forces? Are even the lowest of low-information voters getting tired of hearing that a high-tech economy is somehow incapable of dealing with snow, year after year?

Believe it or not, one of the toughest takes on the horrific new GDP report comes from the New York Timeswhich dismisses the “winter” excuse as a major factor in the slowdown:

…This is not some baffling mystery. The political and media pressure to agree with the Obama machine’s political narratives is enormous. Some of the Administration’s happy-days-are-here-again reports have been rather fishy, dissolving in a foul-smelling cloud of downward revisions long after the smiley-face headlines were published. (I tend to think charges that all reports are cooked by political chefs in various agencies are excessive, and the constant revisions are largely a result of our voracious news cycle demanding numbers before the data has been fully evaluated. However, the fact that all the wiggle room in these reports wiggles in the same direction, and the subsequent revisions are so often for the worse, is growing difficult to ignore.)

The People’s Cube had the funniest take on things…

The good news is that the economy of the old Kapitalist USA (soon to be replaced by the Glorious USSA) is failing!

The bad news is, that we didn’t do it. It’s all the fault of Global Warminsk Climate Change.

And George baBushka, of course.


WARNINSK: Do NOT read the linked article! It is full of Kapitalist spittle and will rot your brain. I only link to it here so the Comrades in the Ministry of Truth can denounce it. And for the cool picture.

Peoples Cube

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