In Vermont, the writing is on the wall… Obamacare has not only killed single payer, it has ruined American Healthcare for Good

Obama CareBummer.
Who knew a thing like this could hapen? I mean, it’s not like millions of Americans took to the streets the past six years to holler that this very thing would happen…or did they?

Actually, they did. We did. I did.

From Hot Air

NYT: In Vermont, ObamaCare flopped so bad it killed single payer

“When Barack Obama and Democrats on Capitol Hill first rolled out ObamaCare, conservatives warned that the program was so badly designed that it couldn’t possibly be on the level. Instead, people assumed that Democrats intended ObamaCare to fail — so that the only possible choice would be a single-payer system of socialized medicine. Even after Democrats reluctantly eliminated the “public option,” opponents insisted that the intended end game was failure so bad that it would destroy private insurance and leave nothing but the federal government to pick up the pieces.”

For us, “picking up the pieces” has meant not only a loss of our excellent health insurance, I highly suspect my chronic health challenges coupled with my husbands age and the downturn in the economy was a huge factor in his layoff from his job.  So many millions of people have now lost homes, jobs, businesses, had hours cut, and health care severely moved out of reach of their family budget that all I can do is laugh at the irony of our progressive pals in Vermont scratching their heads and wondering what the heck just happened.

Sometimes I feel sorry for the naive saps who really believed Obamacare was going to work, and other times, like now, I really do not give a rip.


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