#Obamacare A few thoughts from Health Freedom Blogger Jenny Hatch and my favorite tweets from today…

I really wanted something better for my kids and grandkids than indentured servitude to the feds to pay for other peoples abortions, sex change surgeries, and assisted suicides.

Jenny Hatch



Well, I am sad, but not surprised.

I had a spiritual witness over twenty five years ago that we were going to go on the long death march to Socialized Medicine in America and that the best way I could live with this reality was to become medically self reliant.

So I began by learning Childbirth. By the time we welcomed our fourth child I was mostly comfortable doing my own prenatal care and by the time we had Benjamin in 2002, I was beyond caring what anyone thought about my lifestyle choices.

In 2005 I started my healthcare blog and have written steadily for ten solid years.
When my Father in Heaven prompted me to go down this path all those years ago, he let me know that his spirit cannot abide in certain places and as he withdrew his spirit from American Hospitals it was going to become an even more dangerous bloodbath than it already is. And that he would not be there to pick up the pieces for the faithful.

I am sad for the Mamas and their babes.

I pray for the innocents who will be smoothered by these systems.
The only question for birth activists is how quickly the c section rate will top out at 96%…

Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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