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The Neil Simon Players July 18th gigIt has been a few weeks since I wrote.

I have been really busy.

I saw all six Utah Shakes Shows and then The Neil Simon Festival opened and I attended two of those shows. I also went to Paul’s Green Show opener with Village Voices and watched my sweetie sing Madrigals with his group.

Last week my next door neighbor died and I was shell shocked for a few days. Her little five year old daughter has been a near daily visitor to our home since we all became friends and it was a shock to learn of her death. Her parents gave us the honor of letting Ben and I sing at the Celebration of her Life at the church last week. Ben played his guitar while we both sang. It was a wonderful thing to sing with my son.

This past week I have been rehearsing the Neil Simon Festival play that won the competition for the New Play Contest. I am playing Dr. Claire Stilton in a farce written by Brent Askari. It has been really fun to work with the other members of the cast, who are mostly festival cast members in other shows, plus one other lady who grew up with Paul and his family here in Cedar City. We have been working with Director Doug Hill and it has been really fun to take on this role and flex my acting chops. I have not developed a character role since Little Shop and is has been really fun. I am definitely being stretched with a leading role and the fact that this character gets progressively drunk during the show. The big question today was “how drunk is she at this point in the show?” and how to depict that as the show progresses.

I have also been rehearsing hard with the Neil Simon Players. We worked hard preparing for a show last Saturday Night and it went really well. I was so proud of their professionalism and flexibility as the hour played out.

A crowd shot of the Crystal Inn with our small performing area in the corner.

Crowd Shot from the Crystal Inn

I was going to try to film some of the gig, but I felt like it was more important that I stay by the sound booth and troubleshoot with our new sound specialist Jordan. I was glad that I let go of the need to film, because I really did need to be back behind the curtain cutting songs and reorganizing things as the show played out. It would have been nice to get some footage because they all did such a good job and the patrons gave us an enthusiastic standing ovation as we took our final bows.

We are now up to seven players who bring a variety of talents and skills to our team. Over the next few weeks my goal is to capture as many of their songs, comedy sets, and funny scenes on video as I can to use on our Promotional Page.

I sang The Rose for mic check and then a woman came up and asked if I knew Amazing Grace, the version from the movie… “my chains are gone”… I told her I would be happy to sing it for her. So as they were all in line for supper, I sang it, and then Jordan sang a song while he accompanied on Baileys guitar to make certain the sound was good for the guitar.

We started the show at 7:30 sharp with a comedy sketch by Colton. He is so funny and it really set the tone for the rest of the evening. I also sang Not While I’m Around from Sweeney Todd and led the crowd in a hilarious game of Name That Tune. They really seemed to enjoy watching several members of their group perform the Chicken Dance.

Here is a photo of the winner of the game. (He won two free tickets to They’re Playing Our Song)
Winner of the Game

I have been really demoralized by the Medical Fascism power grabs that have taken place lately, particularly in California, and the steam rolling that is revving up around the country for all of the various states to follow with Mandatory Vaccines for school children.

I have also been incredibly upset by the untimely deaths of a group of doctors.

By Heather Callaghan

“Perhaps you’ve heard about a tragic rash of dead or missing doctors in one month’s time? Seven have either died under strange circumstances or were victims of brutal murders. There are also five who have simply vanished along with one medical lawyer. Although we make no assertions, thirteen medical workers involved in high profile cases in thirty days, needs documentation. Additionally, most of these cases are simply unsolved.

The previous dead or murdered doctors are as follows: Autism researcher Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, Dr. Bruce Hedendal DC PhD, Dr. Teresa A. Sievers, Lisa Riley DO (Doctor of Osteopathic), young Dr. Baron Holt, and Dr. Ronald Schwartz. Five took place in Florida. Dr. Fitzpatrick MD and Dr. Jeffrey R. Whiteside simply vanished. Three doctors and one hospital lawyer vanished in Mexico – law enforcement there allegedly attempted to pass off other dead bodies for the missing people in order to close the case.”

The Medical Mafia is most definitely flexing its muscles on the worlds stage.  They are some of the most evil, power hungry, pathetic little tools who have ever walked on the Earth.  I feel terrible for those who believe the lies and defend the indefensible every day on social media and the web.

Donald Trump has been a breath of fresh air and you can feel the panic in the air as he has stood up to the media and the Big Pharma money that holds the whole blasphemous infrastructure up.

I will vote for him, simply because of his stance on vaccines.  He and Rand Paul have been the only candidates to stand up for parental rights.  I hope all of the elitist gang from Rupert Murdoch on down realize that their days are numbered.  It may take another generation of brain damaged babies before they are fully stopped, but the clock is ticking.

I plan to begin daily blogging again once my show is over on Friday afternoon.  I am also in charge of our wards float in the Pioneer Day parade.  We are doing a depiction of Moroni and the Title of Liberty.

After the weekend I plan to take a deep breath and quiet back down to normal living.  I have been so grateful for my daughter Shelly stepping up to do my chores this week as I took on this two act play.  I am getting a sense of what actors who have a weekly tv show go through as they memorize and perform after a week of rehearsal.  We are not required to be fully memorized, but we do have quite a bit of blocking, even though it is only a reading of the play.

I need to run,

Have a great day!

Jenny Hatch

PS I was thrilled when my political childhood mentor Berkley Breathed revved up Bloom County on his Facebook Wall. I immediately went and followed him and then started following Opus on Twitter.

Bloom County opener after 25 year break

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