GOP Debate COMPLETE Video with a few of my favorite tweets thrown in for color

I really enjoyed watching the debate online.

*Note to the media companies who are hosting these debates.  GET MORE SERVERS ONLINE!!!  You guys have a responsibility to provide coverage to everyone who wants to tune in live whether through cable tv or online.  I had to wait until this morning to watch the whole thing, but I was able to watch the final twenty minutes or so on an internet stream not tied to Fox. Set up a pay per view on You Tube.  I would pay a buck or two to not be frustrated trying to watch the stream.

Carly Fiorina was a bright star at the “Happy Hour Debate”.  She should most definitely be invited to the second prime time debate.  I would love to see her go head to head with Hillary Clinton.  Ouch.  Did you guys see her on Crissy Mathews show?

Here is the complete “Happy Hour” debate:

I would like to see Trump, Cruz, Fiorina, Walker, and Dr. Carson debate during the next prime time event.   Although I love Rand Paul, he came across as angry and frustrated that The Donald was stealing his muster with Tea Party Conservatives.  Sorry Rand, you know I love you and your Dad and that from this podium on my blog I have written many passionate words devoted to your political life, but the utter fearlessness of Donald Trump is what we need now.

To my readers, here are a few of my favorite Tweets from the past 12 hours or so…


Jenny Hatch 

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