A few thoughts on the Trump phenomenon

I have been sick in bed for the past few days and have done little more than watch, read, think, laugh out loud, and read some more about the GOP debate and Donald Trumps effect on the Primary.

I have read posts from all over the political spectrum and have social media’d what I read all over Facebook and Twitter.  I have also spent hours reading comments tied to these various posts and opinions as well as many debates going on in forums around the web.

I figure I have about as much right as any blogger out there to chime in on the topic of The Donald and the effect he is having on the GOP Primary.

I really appreciated Joe Scarboroughs tone this morning on MSNBC

I have laughed with true glee at all of the establishment talking heads bloviating about Trump, and have watched with horror as a few long term trusted souls like Krauthammer, Will, Goldberg, Fund, Luntz, Beck, and Erickson have punched themselves in the face while trying to decapitate the Trump Reality in the current GOP race.

I loved Mo Dowds take on things in the NYT’s on Sunday.

And The Viewers View showing up as a headline on Drudge was just about perfect timing.

Of all the commentary I read, Rand Pauls was the most upsetting. His rant this morning really spanked all Tea Partiers who have fallen in love with The Donald.

Perhaps he is the most upset of all because he rightly understands that those of us loudly supporting Trump would have voted for Rand in the Primary as the most legit voice of “We The People.”

Glenn Becks verbal hate for Trump has also been upsetting for me to watch.

All of these people I have mentioned in this post have been my political mentors and it is difficult for me to step away from the pack and stand up publicly for Trump. I am reluctant and somewhat dismayed to have to choose between these great writers, activists, and political thinkers and someone who is seen as an interloper.

This video by Wayne Allen Root is the commentary that has sustained me through the whole weekend.

I loved this piece by Gina Louden at WND: 

I believe history has proven that Trump has the gumption to directly address the least covered story of the year in a powerful and direct way.  I am speaking of course, of the #CDCWhistleblower William Thompson…

The Media Blackout on this brave scientist is a blight on our nation.

The other huge issue for me as a Homeschooling Mother is Common Core, which Trump has rightly called a disaster.

I KNOW that Trump is completely autonomous from the streams of money in DC. I know Trump LOVES our Nation, and he has shown a willingness to ask difficult questions about Barack Obamas history and his long term relationship to Marxism and all of his Marxist mentors.

Remember, it was The Donald who compelled him to release the fraudulent birth certificate in the first place.


 I believe Trump will surround himself with a Patriotic Cabinet, slash waste, deal with the enemies of freedom and stand up for Parental Rights in Healthcare and Education.

And that is why I will vote for him.

Jenny Hatch


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