Trump the Traitor… to his class? Weekly Standard 

This story in The Weekly Standard explores the question of being a class traitor…


“Nothing is more terrifying to the business and donor class—as well as the media and the entire elite—than Trump’s embrace of a tangible American nationalism. The fact that Trump should by all rights be a member of this class and is in fact a traitor to it makes him all the more attractive to his supporters and all the more baffling to pundits.”

The minority middle class is incredibly enthusiastic about Trump. It will be interesting to witness how they actually vote.

*Note to all my progressive white friends… not all minorities are leftist and it is actually quite racist to presume that they are.

I have been studying the Trump phenom like nothing else for the past six weeks, reading everything I can get my paws on, sometimes six and eight hours a day.

The small business owners and middle americans of all races understand that Obamacare is going to wipe out the middle class over the next few years.

In Trump they see someone who will work hard for them and quickly turn back the clock on the Marxist chokehold and Keynesian Economic paradigm that is currently stagnating the Economy.

I believe Trump will also work hard to completely dump Fed Ed and throw Common Core on the Trash Heap of history.

The final quote from the Weekly Standard article was quite excellent:

“Nothing in our politics seems worthy of being taken seriously anymore. The White House takes to Twitter with Straight Outta Compton memes about the Iran deal. We no longer know what political seriousness is—or we are afraid to pursue it, for fear of offending. We have reached a stage of decadence where we fear everything except frivolity. This is precisely the precondition for Trump’s popularity, and his unapologetic mockery of more conventional forms of political theater makes him in some ways the most serious candidate in the race.”

Jenny Hatch 


PS Trump has also spoken publicly several times about vaccines causing autism. Things are in motion to blast that issue wide open…


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