Jenny Hatch, Cedar City Homeschooling Mother, named 3 C’s describing changes in American Education: COMMUNISM, COLLECTIVISM, and CORRUPTION #uteduconfu

Here are a few of my tweets and retweets from the first day of the conference.

*Note: I arrived at about 8:45 am and sat in the back. I raised my hand when they asked if any teachers were in the room.

I used to have a hard time identifying myself as a teacher, but after eight plus years of on and off homeschooling, it is easier now to own it.

I have no credentials, no degree, married at 20, five children, and my only real claim is that I am a pathological reader, I love American Exceptionalism, and I desire that my grandchildren be brought up in a Free Republic.

I also have a big mouth.

So when Mr. Vander Ark started Dephi’ing the group right off the bat by asking them to brainstorm at their tables the greatest changes in education over the past ten years, I immediately had the thought, “Hmmm, will they possibly ask me?”

He walked around the room quickly reading what had been noted BEFORE asking the person acting as scribe to say their name and read the list.

A woman who was helping him moved to the back of the room and was also quickly reviewing notes before asking that they be read. It was very slick how they moved around the crowd.

As he started the exercise he told us to think of a C word, (implying Computers),  and that we would get extra credit if we guessed the word. I wonder if he had some foil stars in his jacket to paste on the foreheads of the adults who giddily participated.

As this activity was winding down I thought of three C words to describe current American Ed.



and Corruption…

As the gal with the microphone walked past me, I said, “I have a couple words.”

The free speech God’s were with me and she handed me the mic.

I stood up and said I was a local homeschooling Mom who had to leave soon to return home to teach my son.

I said, “the three C words that come to my mind when thinking about changes to American Education are Communism, Collectivism, and Corruption.”

And I finished by asking the crowd to seriously consider these three words as we moved forward with education policy in Utah.

Then I left…

I do not know how my statement was received or what happened next. 

All I know is that Marc Tucker is giving a keynote address tomorrow and if the people attending the conference do not do some serious research soon about what is going down in Education, I seriously doubt our beloved Republic is going to make it past the next generation of high tech brainwashing…

I was only at the conference for about an hour, then I had to head home to teach Benjamin.

I heard most of the Google guy on You Tube and also the Q & A with him after his Skyped chat.

I plan to watch a couple hours of the Conference Day 2 on You Tube.

Happy Trails…

Jenny Hatch


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