Religion and Politics

When I was a young woman I started to find my voice while still in Elementary School. Being involved in theatre really helped me learn how to engage, debate, and use my words more effectively.

I was blessed to participate in Forensics, Improv, and had many community and church opportunities for public speaking. I won my LDS wards speech festival and was the representative at the stake speech festival.

I also won the best actress award for our stakes roadshow when I was in the 8th grade.

These early pats on the back helped to buoy my confidence when in later years I experienced the trauma of losing my identity and had to rebuild myself from the ground up and from inside out.

I recently made a new friend and we had a lovely lunch last week. As we visited, she told me she was impressed by my willingness to share my political and religious views on Facebook. 

She said, “You say so much of what we are all thinking”.

I was floored by her statement because almost all of the feedback I get for blogging and particiating on social media is negative.

If I am not getting emails telling me to go back to school and learn proper grammar, I am hearing from those who think I am not worthy to speak out because of the shapliness of my body, or because I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I really appreciated the vocal embrace of my internet style by a person whom I truly respect.

During this political year when so much is happening in the world, I would like to challenge my readers to speak up.

Share your views, whatever they are, write a blog, talk about politics, share your thoughts on all of the controversial topics.

Politics and Religion encompass all that is important in our lives.







So much blood has been spilled to guarantee us as free born Americans the right to vote, to speak, to engage, and to protest.

I hope we will all grasp these rights and privileges close to our hearts and recognize how precious they are.

If you need an emotional boost, go see  the new movie Suffragette!

It will be out in October!

Jenny Hatch


Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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