The Neil Simon Players

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We had a fun gig this past week at the Downtown Cedar City Farmers Market!

We did an hour “show” with all five of us who make up the Players, singing such songs as Let it Be by the Beatles, Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen, and To Make You Feel my love, which has been covered by many artists.

I handled the first hour by singing and dancing with a group of children at the market and then the players showed up at five thirty for our show.  Another group played between sets because the organizer of the market double booked groups and it was perfect to have those guys fill in while we warmed up and then finish up the final half hour.

Here are a few photos and videos from the show:

I took our good camera to the Farmers Market hoping to get some good still photos, but Chris is so tall, his head was cut off in almost all of them because the canopy was so low.

It was so blazing hot singing in the sun, we tried to stay in the shade just so we did not get dehydrated.

Ironically the best photos were the ones I took on my iphone after the show.

Anyway, here are a couple from the Cannon that turned out OK.

IMG_2704Limbo at the Farmers MarketDoing the Limbo Rock at the Farmers MarketThe Neil Simon Players Emilee and Chris at the Farmers MarketChristianaThe Neil Simon Players with our face painter ChristianaJenny and Shelly after the gig


As always, my favorite part was singing and dancing with the children.


My friend Christianna Burt helped with face painting for the final two hours of the show and like always, my amazing daughter Shelly played the roll of “I will do everything Mom cannot do today” which translated into her fixing supper (and bringing us a packed lunch), setting up the tables, chairs, taking some photos, and setting up some of the sound equipment, driving me to the gig, and watching the homefront (and Ben) while I rocked it out at the market.  She also came back afterwards and packed up all of the equipment, took everything home, lugged it into the house, and fed the three people I keep house for. Another misnomer because she does almost all of the shopping, laundry, home health care for Elaine – which includes taking her blood pressure three times a day and driving her to all of her doctor, dentist, hair, and pharmacy trips- and she gardens, takes Sammy for his morning walk, takes Ben to soccer and the Library, and is just an all around joy and delight.

Whenever you see these musical theatre posts on my blog, just know that none of these endeavors would have been possible the past three years without Shelly’s help.  I have been so consistently ill for over ten years, with chronic low energy, multiple hospitalizations, and a variety of lung, emotional, and digestive ailments, that stepping out and performing and directing is only possible with huge amounts of help at home.  I still spend most of my days sick in bed and drag myself out and get dressed to run rehearsals, home school Ben, and do these occasional shows.  Both Paul and Shelly have agreed that doing theatre is key to my mental health and so they are both highly supportive of me bringing in a few bucks now and again doing theatre. (We earned three dollars, two loaves of sourdough bread, and a jar of jam for this gig!) Musical Theatre is also WAAAAY cheaper than therapy and since we have not had health insurance for the past few years, there is no way I am going to yank a hundred bucks out of our limited family budget to go talk to my therapist.  A couple times this past year I was sorely tempted to make an appointment with her, but we are just barely scraping by and yakking about my problems with a trained therapist is a luxury we simply cannot afford.

We had two little girls belt out Let It Go from Frozen and they sang it like champs. Wish I could have caught that on camera.


I love these four performers like they are my own children. They are some of the hardest working professional artists in Cedar City and they rocked the Farmers Market last night in a memorable style!

I feel so blessed to be able to do this job.

The Neil Simon Festival has amazing upcoming theatrical endeavors brewing in Cedar City and being a part of the Creative Team as well as a member of The Board of Directors is a dream come true for me…

Jenny Hatch

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