SUU Creative Writing Workshop – with entertainment by The Neil Simon Players

We had a fun gig this past week.  SUU Convocations invited The Neil Simon Players to come provide entertainment and two actors to read poetry at the annual writing conference.

We had a great time and the players did such a great job the organizer of this event is planning to have us back again next year!  Chris read quite a few poems by Chris Abani and Emilee also performed a passage from Kelly Kathleen Ferguson‘s book My life as Laura, how I searched for Laura Ingalls Wilder and found myself. Jordan acted as our sound guy and also played his guitar during supper.

I have been holding auditions for the players the past few weeks.  We are planning to expand out from four players to eight over the next year with four additional understudies.  The Neil Simon Festival purchased a sound system for us this past week which is truly going to send our live show into orbit.  

We have been playing around with it over the weekend and I am very excited about the new potential for excellence this will enable simply because of the sound quality.  So much exciting stuff going on.  
Neil Simon Players Sound SystemHere is a mash up of a few of those who auditioned.

I am holding a final audition on Thursday with Callbacks on Friday.  I hope to make the final decision by the end of the month.  Here’s hoping.

I also sent in my head shot and resume’ to the Utah Shakespeare Festival to try to get an audition slot at the end of the month.  I would love to try for a character roll in the upcoming 2016 season.  Sometimes they allow local actors to fill in as understudies and smaller non equity rolls and I think I might be a good fit for one or two of the shows.

We’ll see!

Kelly Kathleen Ferguson and the Neil SImon Players Jordan, Chris, and Emilee

Jenny Hatch

More about Chris Abani in this video

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