Come on, admit it…don’t you feel just a little bit better?

I guess the most amazing development over the past few weeks is how much more optimistic I feel about the future.

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for POTUS I was mildly amused and even skeptical, but as I have observed this phenomenon over the months and watched his complete confidence slowly wash over the nation, I must admit that what I am feeling is…better.

And yes, “that guy” was a plant… (cracks me up how the left never changes, tactics are always the same).

  Instead of the creeping dread that always was pulsing in the back of my mind as I watched Obama nationalize GM, set up Obamacare, implement Bill Ayers Fed Ed known as Common Core, and engage in a multitude of collectivist causes, I am feeling more happy about my children’s future and much more optimistic about the economy.

I am taking a short blogging break to focus my heart more fully on General Conference Preparations, but I will be back in a couple weeks.

Jenny Hatch


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