Dear Andrew, “love you” my email today to Elder Andrew Hatch in Guatemala

Andrew in Guatemala.jpg 2
Hello Andy,

I feel terrible for not writing the past few weeks. You will not believe what has happened though. I was invited to audition for Utah Shakespeare Festival!

I was so overwhelmed with prep for this, that I totally lost my head. I had Dad take some head shots and I updated my resume’ and I spent hours preparing my audition. I had to do two contrasting monologues. I chose one from You Can’t take it with you, remember watching that during a blizzard in Montana when we were in the car on our trip to Yellowstone? Funniest stage play EVER. I did a few lines from the mother Penny, then I did a few lines from Shakepeare’s Much Ado about nothing. I sang Elphabas part from For Good and added in a little bit of funny touches that made them laugh.

It was a total head trip to be standing in front of Brian Vaughn and David Ivers doing my craft. They are the tops in the business. Anyway, we will see what happens. They are doing Mary Poppins next summer and I am hoping to play the bird woman and just be in the ensemble. I can sit on a bench and throw bread crumbs. I have no idea if they will cast me, but I am hoping. I would just melt if they cast me.

Neil Simon Players with new cast members Carly, Emilee, Claire, Chris, Jordan, and Jenny
In other news, I also have been holding auditions for the Players.

We have a gig at the Happy Factor Gala this month. Will be performing at the Sharwin smith ballroom on SUU campus to a room full of 300 charity minded people. They hold this fund raiser every year and it is a big deal.

Jordan and Chris playing around with the new sound systemThe festival board also decided to gift us with a $1500.00 sound system.

I attached a few pictures of my head shot from the audition and some of the players.

I love you sweetie and hope you had a good birthday. We are planning a Christmas surprise for you, but I would really appreciate to know if you need anything.

Love, Mom
Shakespearean Actress Extraordinaire
Jenny Hatch head shot for Utah Shakes Audition

Jenny Hatch

PS The biggest change in my life these past few months is the absolute healing of my lungs. I only have to use my oxygen when I eat a really big meal or if I overdo it a little bit. I have mostly been off it for weeks. Singing and directing the group is healing me and it is such a miracle. We’ll see what happens when it gets cold, but for now I am running with it.

Elder Andrew Hatch with frosting on his nose

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