Theatrical Review by Jenny Hatch – Crazy for You by the Hurricane Valley Theatrical Company

I was invited by Kyle Myrick to attend the opening of his show Crazy for You last night. I love to watch live musical theatre and have been reviewing local shows for some time now.

I am always impressed by a company that has enough triple threat talent to stage a three hour show. You always know you are being entertained by professionals when they are singing just as strong at the end of the night as when they began a couple hours before. This is what really stood out to me as I enjoyed such classic Gershwin standards as Someone to Watch Over Me, Embraceable You, and Shall We Dance.

The whole show was dripping with an abundance of music, dance, comedy, and a plethora of physical and site gag comedy. The tap production numbers were over the top fun and the highlight of the show for me was I Got Rhythm. This production number was set at the end of Act One and was simply stupendous. It just never stopped. I kept thinking the song was going to end and then they would add in one more element of movement, dancing with what looked like over sized pizza pans to up the tap sounds, dancing on a tin roof, dancing on chairs, platforms, and on sticks held by the men. It was so overwhelming to my senses I had a hard time grasping all of the many fun things to look at. I did not time that song, but it had to be at least five minutes, if not more in the six to seven minute range. The aerobic ability of the cast was amazing as they just danced and danced and then sang and danced some more. They all looked like they were having a ball doing it too.

It is always a reach when you take a bunch of classic songs and build a show around them. So my only real criticism of the musical was the lack of story, the lack of plot, a serious deficit was present when trying to follow the ins and outs of the arc of the characters. Because of this lack around who and what was motivating the relationships, it was a little bit of a stretch to feel deeply when the guy got the girl he wanted at the end. Even so, the fun of the music and the talent of the cast make Crazy for You a must see, especially if you are a long time George and Ira Gershwin fan.

And you really cannot go wrong when you mix a group of New York Showgirls up with a gaggle of Cowboys from Nevada. The men playing the pokey cow herders were the funniest part of the show. It was incredibly satisfying to see how they moved from do nothing drunks to dancing and singing performers with good manners.

This show depicted the refining aspect of the arts and also how important it is for those who live in far away remote places to have a fun project to work on. That is a message for all of us to take to heart.

A few members of the cast joined me for an interview after the show:


Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling 435-635-2609. Performances are Friday, Saturday and Monday evenings at 7 p.m. at the Hurricane Fine Arts Centre at 92 W. 100 South in Hurricane. Tickets are only $8. The show opened on Oct. 9 and runs until Oct. 24.

Jenny Hatch

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Spectrum Review

Here are a few photos taken on my iphone!

Sammy Myrick pretty much stole the show with her zany depiction of the showgirl Patsy, but Kyle said not to tell you guys that because he doesn’t want people thinking any sort of nepotism was involved.

Honestly, I asked to take her photo and told her she was my favorite BEFORE I knew she was his wife.  Watching her antics on stage is worth the whole price of the ticket, I was crying I was laughing so hard.

This show is a must see for Southern Utah!

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