Simplistic, I know, but this is my take on the political scene

I have been thinking about the political scene quite a bit.
I tend to see freedom issues starkly.

This may be oversimplified, but based on what I have observed, it appears that the GOP is mostly representing the business owning ruling class that wants cheap labor.  

The Democrats are mostly interested in importing new voters from out of the country and buying their votes with every social program imaginable.

And Donald Trump is resonating with ordinary Americans because he wants to fix our economy and staunch the world wide looting of the American Treasury, (this includes our military, which has been used as the worlds policemen again and again paid for of course, by the American Taxpayers).

There are a multitude of issues that are layered under and around my oversimplification of the vista of American Politics, but for today, based on what I have read and observed, this is how I see things.

If Hillary and Jeb are the candidates, I am still planning to vote for Bill and Opus, or maybe Christopher Walken, because really, can we ever have too much cowbell?

Jenny Hatch


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