A Mormon Mommy Blogger chimes in on Same Sex Marriage Apostasy

Section 76 of The Doctrine and Covenants delineates the various kingdoms and levels of glory that are available to all of the souls who have been born on Earth.​

I have been reading about the church’s decision to withhold certain cherished blessings from innocent children and after a heartfelt conversation with my hubby this morning spent most of the day thinking about it while I worked.
I am someone who has chosen a lifestyle that is at odds with current church counsel regarding healthcare.
As a vaccine damaged adult I chose not to vaccinate my own children despite intense pressure to do so. At times I have wondered if our children would be banned from church nursery, camp, scouts, etc etc because of our choice.
I share this because in a simple way it illustrates the prejudice and assumptions around healthcare that are a part of mormon culture.
Because we also homeschool and have birthed two children at home, I have also wondered if anyone at church was going to get in my face about my belief and teaching that the great babylonian whore of the earth is the medical profession, when so many Apostles have testified Allopathy is a “gift from God”.
I believe that the Medical behemoth I heckle and mock every day on social media and my blog is mostly evil and destroys families at just about every point of connection from birth to death.
I have written about my beliefs around medicine since 1995. So for twenty years I have wondered if my public writings were going to get me labeled an “apostate” and thrown out of the church.
I share this simply to convey that as a faithful mormon woman I have spent many hours on my knees in conversation with my Father in Heaven asking him how I can fit into the body of the church when most of my peers are into what I term “chemical” parenting.
The prejudice, gossip, and rude comments at times were so bad that I was often tempted to run screaming from Relief Society.
Because my testimony of the divinity of Jesus Christ is the most precious thing I “own”, I really do not waste much time thinking about the past anymore and the haters who rejected me and my dear fellow sisters who made similar lifestyle choices.
I currently contort myself in awkward ways to prevent such interactions with my fellow saints by mostly avoiding those situations that allow for any female conversation. This is a self preservation tactic.
How to extend the arm of fellowship, love, acceptance, and heartfelt family connection to our gay and lesbian LDS brothers and sisters who are raising children without seeming judgemental, condescending, or cruel?
I have no idea. 
I simply want to say that I know how it feels to be an outlier in the church and in my family.
If you invite me to your wedding, reception, party, bridal or baby shower, I will come celebrate with you and revel in the joy of a baby boy or girl being born to be nurtured and loved.
I hope that by my choosing to stand publicly with the Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ who have drawn some new and clear boundaries regarding family life and priesthood ordinances that you will not dismiss me as a hater.
I have a near pathological need to daily engage in those practices and habits that will qualify me to spend eternity with my Father in Heaven and partake of the fullness of the blessings he has waiting for those few of us who qualify for exaltation.
To that end, I will not waste too much time wringing my hands and worrying about what others will think of us and the seeming prejudice of my people.
The most discriminatory being in the universe is Heavenly Father and he has set incredibly strict boundaries around behaviors, especially sexual behavior. I shared D and C 76 in this post for the curious who want to read the details of who will achieve which kingdom of glory.
My desire to spend eternity with Father trumps any concern I have about being pegged as a homophobe.
Yet I say that with a heart full of compassion and understanding.
I know just a bit about being discriminated against by those who are “supposed” to call me sister.
And I have experienced deadly blowback for my political and lifestyle beliefs.
All I can say is that I am mourning with those who were planning baptisms and blessings. I mourn for the loss of connection those boys and girls will feel as the amazing blessings connected to baptism are delayed a few years.
I am compelled by my testimony of Jesus Christ to stand boldly and fearlessly in solidarity with the Apostles and Prophets whom I sustain as The mouthpiece of The Lord Jesus Christ on the earth.
I pray that as this new reality begins to be implemented in the church that we can all be kind, big hearted, and concious of ways to show love for those children who will struggle with feelings of being different.

Jenny Hatch


More excellent analysis here, here, and here.

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