So I am feeling somewhat baffled, but not surprised, by some hate and rejection being thrown in my general direction for my views on same sex marriage mormon apostates.
This is the thing.
I have zero desire to spend eternity with any of YOU! So why should I waste one second of my life worrying what you think of me gentle snowflakes.
I care very much what my Heavenly Father thinks of me and have every intention of spending eternity with him and my Heavenly Mother. In fact, he is pretty much the only person I think about when I wake up each morning determined to live the faithful life of a mormon disciple.
This life is a blip, a blink, an important and consequential wink in the eternal scheme of things, but still just a couple moments in time compared to the timeless swath of eternal joy and happiness that is waiting for those who keep the commandments.
So please, forgive me if I choose not to give a rodents behind what you think of me and my public views on morality.
I am willing to attach my name, photo, email, and phone number to my articulated beliefs about what is best for babies, what is BEST for children. 
If you choose to harass and hate me for my openess and willingness to speak out, I cannot stop you.
I just happen to believe that when the Apostles of The Lord Jesus Christ says that children have a RIGHT to be born to both a Mother and a Father, and that is what is BEST for all children, that the authority and clarity they claim is aligned with heaven and things eternal.
Now please, layoff, and focus on your own walk back to Father, and let us live together peaceably.
Jenny Hatch


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