VIDEO: Why the American People Must #STOPESEA


I’m doing this video without any kind of practice or dress rehearsal because it has to happen fast.   My son helped me figure out how to make a YouTube channel this morning and we haven’t edited at all; we posted the first taping because we are under the gun with speed, here.  This message needs to be clear to thousands of freedom loving, phone wielding Americans– to fight for freedom with our voices this week, all week.  202-224-3121  #STOPESEA.

I am hoping that since video is more personal and friendly and, for those who hate to read, is more accessible than a written blog, that this information will spread more widely than it otherwise  might.

Call, call, call.   202-224-3121.  #STOPESEA.

ESEA is being rammed through in the dark.  The vote is in a week and there’s no access to the final bill yet.  Senator Lee is right.

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