Today I am thankful for so many blessings it is difficult to distill it down to one thing. 

 But I will try to convey my heart with something I wrote on Facebook a few days ago…

I was at The Yoga Shop teaching my Classical Yoga students when my husband called anxious to tell me about his being let go from Hewlett Packard.

We all gathered in the living room to talk, once I arrived home, and finished up by kneeling in prayer to petition heaven and ask for comfort and peace.

I had a witness from the Holy Spirit in that moment that our family was going to experience an exceptional outpouring of blessings and that we had nothing to fear.

My first and biggest concern was the loss of health care. I had been on Oxygen for months with a hypoxic condition that often kept me in bed with a saturation of 84 to 92. My main health complaint since 2006 had been chronic fatigue and low, low energy.

With Albuterol and Prednisone I am able to get a saturation of 93 and with essential oils I can get up to 94, but the concentrator put me in the happy zone with no drug side effects and no oils costs.

On supplementation I was able to rise into the 92 to 96 range and the overall improvement of my health was immediate and lasting.

I knew that Apria was going to come pick up my concentrator within weeks of the job loss (they did), and that I was going to be plunged back into hypoxic hell with saturations under 90.

With a prayer in my heart I set out on a journey last year to buy my own concentrator (it retailed for $6,000.00 new) at a used medical supply store up in Salt Lake City.

My best friend Kara Lyn stepped up with her street smarts and confidence and was able to guide me to the purchase of a portable Innogen concentrator.

This little machine was my lifeline this past year.

Innogens retail for $5,000.00 but with Kara Lyns help I was able to buy a used/refurbished machine for a cool $1500.00.

As the year played out and I felt better and more energetic, I found myself starting a theatrical company with Neil Simon Festival.

I truly began this project to help our family budget, but was unprepared for the level of JOY that has resulted.

 Every time I ran a rehearsal, booked a gig, performed or watched the players perform, a healing energy would enter my body and I would feel renewed.

These past few weeks I began a physically demanding job and although exhausted at the end of each shift, my lungs have held steady with saturations at a solid 95, without using the concentrator!

This has been a miracle.

I credit my Heavenly Father with all of the glory in healing my lungs, giving me courage to take on new and challenging endeavors, and although at times it feels like Paul and I have lost everything these past few years – home, car, wheat grinder (yes, I cried), healthcare, dentalcare, all of our investments, and in many ways are beginning again with very little except our willingness to work, I cannot remember a time when the love in our home was greater than it is now.

I would like to publicly thank the amazing Hatch clan for allowing us to live in the ancestral home of Pauls parents while crawling through the valley of financial destitution.

This timely move saved us and kept our family warm and dry when the winds of Cedar City were howling.

I can look back on these months and see so many blessings that it is difficult to try to list them all.

Please accept these words as my heartfelt testimony that we have nothing to fear in mortality and those who peddle fear are often standing with outstreached hands waiting to profit from our panic.

A loss of healthcare benefits compelled me to search, ponder, and pray.

I honestly believe that if my husband had kept his comfortable salary and benefits I would have spent the past two years living as a fearful recluse 22 hours a day in my bedroom sucking Oxygen from my concentrator, watching Netflix, and struggling with feelings of being a victim of a moldy house and a high altitude.

The loss compelled me to not only think out of the box but to stand up and get out of the box.

I like living outside of the box.

Jenny Hatch


Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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