An open letter to the parents of America #StopESEA

  Dear parents,

A few of us Education Activists have been yelling for the past couple years about Common Core.

On Tuesday Congress is going to vote on an Education Bill, the ESEA (The Elementary and Secondary Education Act) that according to Utah Senator Mike Lee in a speech delivered on the Senate floor on Nov. 18th, will entrench Common Core.

“This bill also doubles down on the discredited common-core approach to elementary and secondary education that the American people have roundly, and consistently, rejected.
Mr. President, parents and teachers across America are frustrated by Washington, D.C.’s heavy-handed, overly prescriptive approach to education policy.”

So parents and grandparents, I would encourage all of you to get off your asses and make a few phone calls and send a few tweets TODAY, because Fed Ed, including the most noxious portions of No Child Left Behind, is about to be entrenched in American Schools for THE NEXT SEVEN YEARS!

What will this mean for your son or daughter?

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and a meme? 


*Please share these memes on Social Media (especially during the #StopESEA Twitter Rallies happening all weekend)

Jenny Hatch

If you believe Obamacare has been a mess, buckle up…

Americans have no idea what a Marxist “fundamental transformation” of our schools will mean for our children and grandchildren.




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