Neil Simon Players Christmas Show

The Players have been at work for the past few weeks polishing up all of our favorite Christmas Music.

I was so proud of the men in our company who stepped up with original arrangements of old and new songs.  The leadership and proactive efforts by Chris and Jordan were an example to all of us.

I have told the performers over and over that this company is a workshop, a musical lab, where we can experiment, share, explore, step out, and step up.

And yet, I told them that I also want our shows to “feel” like a group of old friends gathered around the piano singing for the sheer JOY OF IT! 

And if the audience wants to hum or sing along, as an older gentleman did yesterday while we sang Silent Night, I want our patrons to feel like they are a part of the show.

Here is a mashup of our one hour Christmas Show.

A variety of clips and photos are below, taken on two cameras.





















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