ESSA 101: Or, Why Call the U.S. Senate and Scream?

UPDATE: December 10th, 2015
Obama signed the bill this morning…

I encourage every parent in America to yank their children out of school today to protect them from the disastrous consequences of the education establishments disgusting Federalization of our nations schools.

UPDATE: December 8th, 2015

Barf, gag, spew, scream… big red bow around it??? 

Just go ahead and paint the White House Red because this bill is the Bills collectivist wet dream. I am talking of course, about Bill Gates and Bill Ayers.


Well, it passed the Senate and Obama is going to sign this prostituted abortion of a bill on Thursday.
The “Parliament of Whores” has done what it was sent to Capitol Hill to do.

God Bless our little ones whose brains will be smooshed while it all plays out.

They deserve better.

A few more memes:



crying stopesea


While Utah Senator Mike Lee warned that the ESSA/ESEA bill is dangerously bad (both in policy and in its corrupt passing process) the Deseret News, Lee’s home newspaper, published a loudly pro-ESSA editorial.

While Reps Mia Love, Jason Chaffetz, Rob Bishop and Chris Stewart– all four of Utah’s delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives– rightly voted “no” on the bill just a few days ago, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, who still has to vote, is aggressively pushing pro-ESSA talking points on his twitter feed.

Obama’s got his Secretary of Education pushing ESSA.   In agreement with Obama and Duncan is Utah’s Governor Herbert, and the countless ed-alignment  moneymakers, and so is the Utah PTA.  Check out their shared talking points; then look at the actual bill.  Disconnected.  Are they deliberately lying or do they just not read bills, preferring talking points?  Either way, they are promoting the wrong thing.


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