A Mormon Mommy Blogger responds to Mitt Romney

 I watched Mitt Romneys speech yesterday.


And Donald Trumps response.

I watched most of the GOP Fox News Detroit debate last night and penned this response to Romneys smackdown.

Mitt questioned Trumps personal qualities…
Personal qualities?
You mean like not taking anything lying down, especially the lies from Big Pharma funded media?

And kicking the many, many tushies that need to be kicked?

I am a mormon too Mitt, and what America needs right now is someone who is willing to take a cannonball leap into the mud wrestling of crony capitalist DC and turn on a fire hose.

You were just too nice with your mormon manners, perpetual “aw shucks” grin, and well modulated tone.

Sure, most of my mormon friends are revolted by Trumps seemingly bad manners and problematic speech. And when they sniff to each other on social media that we cannot have someone “like him” as President, I want to puke.

These self annointed hypocrites never bothered to chime in on political issues on blogs or social media because it was all so sanitary and clean and hey, what do they know about the Obamas, Bushs, and Clintons private lives and personal manners?

Well, plenty has been written about the private lives of these revolting posers who have led us down the collectivist path.

You naval gazing religious folk just want someone in the white house who “pretends” to share your good manners and public profanity free speech.

Give me a New Yorker who is willing to kick the shiz out of those messing with the middle class any day of the week over some well mannered mormon who apologizes to the enemies of freedom as they burn down the country.

Jenny Hatch


PS I just had to come out of blogging hibernation for a few minutes and get that into the blogosphere. Back to my den to sleep…ZZZZZZzzzzzz

PPS Do you establishment boobs have ANY idea the sort of powder keg America is right now???

With the arrest of the Bundys, the murder of LeVoy Finicum, and a President Obama who should have been impeached half a dozen times by now, just be grateful Trumps only tossing a few verbal bombs. 

If you establishment dopes attempt to steal this election from WE THE PEOPLE the righteously indignant blood of our patriot ancestors will boil over.

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