Libertarians for Trump


I joined a new support group for Donald Trump this past week.

Libertarians for Trump.

I have been a Libertarian for the past few election cycles and decided to type up this Op-Ed to explain my reasons for being all in for The Donald.


Here is my opinion piece…


Libertarians for Trump


As a news and political junkie I have been watching the political scene in America like a hawk.  This past week I have been told by those who “know” that Donald Trump just had the worst week of his campaign.

Oh really?

I would have thought that Eduardo Rafael was having a difficult week as news about his deviant sexual behavior finally hit the airwaves and Ted, the hyper religious constitutional family man was outed as an allegedly serial philanderer.

These sorts of claims hitting the airwaves would presume to be signs of a bad week, but Cruz’s supporters have simply doubled down and shrieked like toddlers melting down in the candy isle that Ted is da man.

I hope Wisconsin is not so naïve as to believe all of the yapping regarding Trump, Abortion, and Corey being charged with battery.

For those of us who have actually been assaulted, Dana and the gals demanding that Trump fire Lewandowski for physical force against a reporter is beyond the pale.  I was held down by four dudes and had ungodly things done to my body when I was 21 years old.  For me and all survivors of violence, the idea that what Corry did to Michelle constituted a crime worthy of censure is beyond the pale.

Shame on all of you.

As for Chris Matthews high fiving all the guys in the green room after supposedly taking down Trump on Abortion, sheesh, do you guys realize how much we hate you with your gotcha questions and snarky manic questioning style?

I was waiting for Trump to just haul off and belt Chris in the face.  Believe me Mr. Trump, I personally would have started a Go Fund Me campaign to pay your legal bills for assaulting Matthews. If you had done it, America would have cheered. The fact that you did not smack the smugness off his face lets me know that you have more discipline and restraint than the Anti-Trump teen who wacked a man in Wisconsin and was pepper sprayed for it.

The only result from Trump saying Mothers should be punished for having abortions and then backpedaling is that now a healthy conversation has begun in America about what the banning of Abortion would look like… legally.

So why would a Mormon Mommy Blogger like me vote for Donald Trump?

As a passionate Libertarian proud to associate with the Libertarians for Trump group, I offered to write this op-ed to declare my endorsement of Mr. Trump for POTUS.  I formally endorsed him on my Blog back in August of 2015.

Two issues are front and center for me as a mother of five children.

The first is Health Freedom.

I have written for twenty years about Family Sovereignty. Parents are battered on every front when a child becomes ill and recent examples of Medical Kidnappings ala Justina Pelletier and Mary Ann Godboldo’s daughter Ariana illustrate why parents have to have autonomy over health care decisions made for and in behalf of their babies.

Medical institutions and the professionals that engage in these kidnappings should be held up to public scorn and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

With the medical powers that be working like mad to pass mandatory vaccination bills in every state before Andrew Wakefield’s Vaxxed documentary makes it into the public’s mind, a leader like Donald Trump who is not beholden to Big Pharma will be a gift to those families who have been battered, bullied, and brainwashed into medical treatments that they do not want and cannot afford.

The second issue for me is Education.

The Common Core has been pulled off without any of the same sort of vetting that happened around Obamacare.  At least with Obamacare we had some public discussion, supreme court cases that provided legal framework and arguments, public heckling when it became apparent Jonathan Gruber of #GruberGate fame was nothing more than an overpaid liar, and some types of accountability regarding funding as the CBO has provided data around costs.

With Common Core Americans have just experienced a nearly silent federal takeover of our largest and most impactful public school institutions and beyond a few of us Mom and Dad Bloggers yelling in the wind, the moneyed interests behind Common Core have accomplished this swindle with almost no public debate and very little in the way of moneyed pushback.

With the fast track passage of the Federal ESSA bill last December 10th, Fed Ed was entrenched in America and the many Ed activist friends who I associated with over the past few years sort of threw up our hands in disgust as the money behind the powerful did its thing and the will of the smartest group of parents I have ever personally known, was frustrated.

I see President Trump coming into office and smashing the idols of Medicine and Education with a force unknown in American Politics.  I see him cutting up the sacred cows associated with medical mandates and collectivist curriculum and serving them on toast.

The funny thing is, so do all of the elites who stand to benefit financially from the mandates, the testing consortiums, the textbook companies, and the medical powers that be.  If you want to know why the screaming about Trump has reached fever pitch this week, it is because they know the insider game is about to be dismantled and the American People handed back their sovereignty.

It is morning in America my friends.

Vote for Trump.

Jenny Hatch

Blogger Jenny Hatch

Blogger Jenny Hatch

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