#Vaxxed The Documentary about the #CDCWhistleblower


UPDATE – April 3rd, 2016

The reviews of the Vaxxed Documentary are starting to be published. I am not going to share the negative ones because they are everywhere.

Here are a few independent reviews.





Uncensored footage from Angelika Theater’s opening day premiere Q&A featuring Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree, Polly Tommey and Dr. Brian Hooker. Shot using a Periscope live stream.

More HERE on the Vaxxed web site!

Directed by Andrew Wakefield

Produced by Del Bigtree

A Del Bigtree Production of an Autism Media Channel Film

Vaxxed is a documentary that explores the journeys of parents whose autistic children were plausibly affected by a vaccine. The film also follows the story of various doctors and researchers involved with the associated studies.


I have devoted many hours to blogging about the #CDCWHISTLEBLOWER these past two years.

I also featured many stories and the whole last edition of Blogging Mothers Magazine to the story.

Glad the documentary is a go!

Jenny Hatch

Blogger Jenny Hatch

*Note to the media…if you want to know why we call you Presstitutes and PharmaWHORES the blocking of this Documentary…in AMERICA, is why.
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One Response to “#Vaxxed The Documentary about the #CDCWhistleblower”

    Love your Warriorress Powerhouse ways oF exposing the CORRUPT MEDIA (REDUNDANT) for exactly what it is, and literally risking your life and you’re family’s to do so. May God continually bless you in all your effervescent and constant measures. Angels are surrounding you and helping guide you through your powerful Journey of exposing the truth, and I, for One, support you wholeheartedly.


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