Feminism is DEAD!


Cora is accepting zero responsibility for her outlandish behavior and is pursuing legal action against the woman who filmed her at the U Mass event. This report outlines the steps she and her SJW friends have taken these past few weeks.

QUOTE: (From Cassy Dillons report at Heat Street)

“Since the release of this story, millions of people have seen seen my video and countless others have written about it. Some of these articles included harsh commentary about Ms. Segal’s actions as well as her appearance. She has even been given the title “Trigglypuff”, a play off how easily she was “triggered” combined with a reference to the Pokemon character called Jigglypuff

But Ms. Segal was acting very deliberately in an attempt to disrupt the event by shrieking so that others could not hear the arguments made – as my video showed. The exclusive video above demonstrates Segal continuing to argue with students on the balcony. I can also now reveal that, before the event, Segal widely distributed a flyer arguing that because of her claimed personal trauma UMass College Republicans had no right to use the word ‘The Triggering’.”

Original Post by Jenny Hatch

“STOP acting like a CHILD!”

Christina Hoff Sommers responds to out of control, rude, SJW Cora “Trigglypuff” Segal.

I believe we can safely say that with this video going viral we have reached peak feminism and it is now safely DEAD.

William Dodd edited this mix:

Published on Apr 26, 2016

Milo discusses ending racism, #BlackLivesMatter, feminism, free speech, the Religious Right, and Islam.

This is an edited version I made from an event hosted by the College Republicans at the University of Massachusetts. See the full panel discussion with Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers and Steven Crowder on Milo’s channel:

Video of the protesters from inside the event:

Thanks William!

Jenny Hatch

Anti-Feminist Jenny Hatch

I watched the whole video. No real need for commentary, it pretty much speaks for itself.

Crowders rant

A few tweets



Crowder used the first 15 minutes of his podcast to share details of the event, it provides some good context for the whole evening of mayhem.

As the original ANTI-Feminist I agree with Milo that Feminism is Cancer.

Jenny Hatch

One more video for the road…

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