Colorado GOP as tone deaf and clueless as ever…

I have spent the past two days reading everything I could find on the web about the Colorado GOP State Convention.

After obtaining residency in Utah the past three years we relocated back to Boulder County in January five days after the cut off date for registration for the GOP Caucus.

If we had shown up a week earlier I would have registered as a republican just to go caucus for Trump, and then reregistered as a Libertarian for the general election.

Alas, based on my research, that very effort would have been frustrated by a tidal wave of delegate tampering, manipulation, and outright fraud had I been chosen as a state delegate.

I was voted to be a delegate by my caucus at the GOP Boulder county convention in 2012, and after two days of reading everything I could find about what just went down at the Colorado State Convention this explanation by Ryan Call rings true. Legally Cruz won the delegates per party rules but millions of Colorado voters were left out of the Primaries because the GOP Elites are a bunch of control freak goobers.

The best explanation came from Ryan Call on Laura Ingrams show last night.  He did a good job laying out the facts.

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